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Broadside entitled 'Copy of a Love-letter from a British Soldier, at Present in Holland, to his Sweetheart in this City'


Copy of a Love-Letter from a British Soldier, at present in Holland, to his Sweetheart

in this City.

My Dearest Mary,

RELIEVED for a moment from the din
of arms, with pleasure unutterable,
my love, I dedicate that moment to thee;
what signifies the fatigues I undergo, and
the dangers I daily encounter,-they seem
a pleasure to me, when I reflect, that I do
so for the sake of my bonny bonny Mary.

May that innocence and virtue which
first inspired our love still keep possession
of thy breast, and we shall yet be happy;
for, believe me, Mary, my love, respect,
and regard for thee are unalterable ; nay,
the farther I remove from thee, the stronger
thy dear image presses on my heart, and
raises a Hope that makes every perilous
situation in which I am placed seem per-
fectly agreeable.

I once thought your father one of the
most cruel men alive; but now I think
otherwise. Heaven knows what was the
agony of my heart that day he forbid me
again to enter his house; and how every
angry word he said to thee pierced my very
soul!-Had I stayed much longer, even
though he was the father of all I held dear
on earth, I could not have commanded my
passion; but that Providence which has pre-
served me ever since in safety, while my
companions in arms fell on every side, and
in the midst of dangers, that would make
thee shudder to relate, ordered it otherwise
-I said not a word-but cast one longing
look at thee, and departed. I knew not
where I went-had the river interrupted
the course I took, I dare say I would have
tumbled in, and, perhaps, never more
been heard of; for an indescribable torpi-
tude seized every faculty, and I knew not
that I existed, till chance or some good an-
gel led me to the hawthorn tree where first
we vowed to be constant till united.

At the sight of it I instantly revived-
sat down under it-every surrounding ob-
ject pleased me, and called to my remem-
brance the sweet moments I have often
here enjoyed ; but, alas ! how fleeting are
all earthly enjoyments.-Silent sorrow
soon succeeded the pleasure I felt-I wept
unpitied and unseen. However, I soon
became cool, and here formed the resolu-
tion of entering into the army, with the
fond hope that I might, perhaps, gain in
the character of a soldier that which was
wanting to make our marriage agreeable
to your father, or lose a life, which, with-
out thee, I counted rather a burden than a

I immediately inlisted, and, from that
moment, studied nothing but what might
render me useful and agreeable to the of-
ficer under whose command I might be

Every thing, my dearest Mary, has suc-
ceeded to my wishes-I am now esteemed
by one of the best of Captain's as a brave
and complete soldier ; and, through his in-
fluence, I have been already raised to the
rank of a serjeant.

As it was soon discovered I had got a to-
lerable education, and paid the strictest at-
tention to my duty, I am often employed
in services which turn out to my advan-

Fear not my dearest Mary-we shall yet
be happy,-whatever the chance of war
may give to me shall be your's.

We are both but young-this war soon
may terminate-or some other unforeseen
circumstance may call me home, when
it will be in my power, if your parents
should give you nothing, to support you in
a comfortable manner; for before I sailed
I was apprized of the death of my uncle,
so that the property that comes to me, and
what I may here accumulate, will answer
every purpose.

Think on these things, my Dearest Mary,
and be happy-until that much-wished
for period arrives, while life remains, I
am your's, and your's only,

J. T.

Glasgow: -Printed by Thomas Duncan, Saltmarket.

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Probable period of publication: 1810-1830   shelfmark: APS.3.82.26
Broadside entitled 'Copy of a Love-letter from a British Soldier, at Present in Holland, to his Sweetheart in this City'
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