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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue'


The Dark Girl

Dressed in Blue.

When first in Glasgow I arrived, the truth I will unfold,
I had a pocketbook with me, well filled with notes and gold,
I walked about from place to place its beauties for to view,
When all at once I chanced to see a Dark Girl dressed in blue

        She was a nice gal, fal de riddle i do,
        A beauty, fal de riddle eh.
        She was a fine girl, fal de riddle i do,
        A charmer, fal de riddle eh,

Her graceful leg and fairy feet, and eyes like diamonds bright,
Her coal black hair and rosy cheek they did my heart delight,
She stepped into an omnibus, I thought I'd go in too,
And there I took my seat beside that dark girl dressed in blue.

The 'bus got thronger as we went, she got crushed up rather tight,
At length she fainted as I thought, which put me in a fright,
Says I, " my dear, a crowded place does not agree with you."
" Oh sir, assist me to get out," said the Dark Girl dressed in blue,

When we got out of the omnibus, we walked arm in arm together,
Then she made free to ask of me, if I'd got a father or mother,
"O yes,'' says I, "and a grandmother too, bat pray miss, what areyou'
I'm head engineer in a milliner's shop, said the dark girl dressed in blue

As we walked on, says I, "you're much fatigued I think,
Will you go into this public house, and have a glass of drink,
To pay for which she declared she would, saying. " Sir. oblige me do,
To change this note, I refuse could not, this dark girl dressed in blue,

The change for her I did obtain, she says, " Sir, excuse me pray,
Remain yon here for a short time, I shan't be long away,"
Scarce had she gone, a policeman came saying. " Please, sir, I want you,
That, was a forged note just now changed, where's the dark girl dressed
        in blue,"

Then to the station I was marched, and before the bailies took.
And there I told them I had lost my watch and pocket book,
They placed a lady at the bar, quite different to my view.
For in deep mourning she was rigged, not a dark girl dressed is blue,

They raised her veil, to my surprise, I was taken all aback,
Her dress it was a reversible, a sky blue and deep black,
The charge it likewise was reversed, they believed my statement true,
They acquitted me, but sixty days gave the dark girl dressed in blue.

So all young gents I pray beware, and a warning take by me,
For young ladies are not always what they do appear to be,
Examine well each shawl and dress, the lining likewise too,
Or a transformation scene you'll have, like the dark girl dressed in blue.


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Probable period of publication: 1860-1880   shelfmark: RB.m.168(133)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue'
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