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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful and Fatal Pitched Battle'


Dreadful & Fatal
Pitched Battle.

An account of a most dreadful and fatal Piched Battle which
was fought on Monday last, at Childshill, near London, be-
tween Davis and Winkworth, when Winkworth was killed,
and warrants were issued against a number of pugilists, among
whom were Byrne, Reynolds and Spring.?Glasgow, 4th
August, 1820.

Within the last fortnight, a match was made for L. 5 a side, beween Frederickt
Winkworth and Jack Davis, known as the Slashing Painter, both from the vicinity
of Tottenham Court-Road. The fight took place at Childshill, near London, where
a ring being formed they proceeded to business. Davis has the best of the firs
five rounds, and in the sixth he was sent down from a body blow, at which Wink-
worth's friends were quite uprorious. Davis had the best of it until the eighteenth
round, when good counter hits were delivered on both sides. Winkworth, hawer-
er, was too far gone to take advantage of any success; still he fought, and was
worsted up to the 24th round, when he repeated a dose upon the right eye of Da-
vis. In the 27th round Winkworth again dropped upon Davis's already damaged
eye, but could not keep his opponent out. In the 38th round Davis gave him a
complete cross and fell upon him with all his weight, shaking his whole frame. In
the 40th round he was sent down instanter from a right hander on the left jaw. It
was now evident he had no further chance, but he still persisted in fighting on,
which he did to the 58th round, when he could fight no more, Davis was conse-
quently declared the victor.               

The qght lasted one hour and five minutes. Winkworth was conveyed to an inn
where be was bled, but the unfortunate fellow lingered till the following day at 4
o'clock, when he expired.

Information having been given to Messrs. Hoare and Bosanquet, Magistrates re-
sident at Hampstead, those gentlemen immediately issued their warrant against six-
teen persons, pugilists and amatecurs, who were recognised as having been present,
and on Tuesday night Bill Eales (who was charged with being one of the men who
kept the riug ) Paddy Flynn, one of the seconds, and Davis, were apprehended, and
brought before them, charged with the murder of Frederick Winkworth.

The Coroner's inquest was held, and a verdict of Manslaughter returned against
Davies the principal, and the four seconds.

The Coroner issued his Warrant for their committal to take their trials for the of-
fence, and the Witnesses were bound over to prosecute and give evidence on the

On the next day Mr. Hoare, by whom Ealcs was committed, proceeded to Clerk-
enwell prison and discharged him upon bail. He intimated, however that it was
his ietention to prosecute all the parties against whom he had issued warrants for a
misdemeanour. We understand that Tom Spring, who was present by mere acci-
dent, Simon Byrne, Tom Reynolds, and several gentlemen are included in this

                                                         John Muir printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(108b)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful and Fatal Pitched Battle'
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