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Broadside entitled 'The Awful Prophecies of David Ross'


THE AWFUL PROPHECIES OF DAVID ROSS, the Glasgow Prophet, which he delivered to an immense multitude in the Dove-hill of Glasgow, on Sunday the 29th Septr. 1822.

It is recorded in Holy Writ that false prophets and false teachers shall arise among the people and many shall follow their pernicious ways, and through covetousness, and cunning, devised fables shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you; and history, both ancient and modern, have completely fulfilled that prediction, from the days of Mahomet, whose followers are now scattered over a considerable portion of Europe and Asia, down to our own enlightened times, when the notorious Johann Southcott, staggered the faith of not a few of both the great and the learned.

Another prophet has lately sprung up in Glasgow, in the person of David Ross, a humble Knight of the Shuttle, who has been lecturing and preaching in a house in Great Dove-hill, called the "Church of Smyrna". Notwithstanding his confident claims to the gift of prophecy, he is still confined to the shop, and obliged, as he says, to "draw his subsistence through the eye of his shuttle". Both his doctrines and the manner of expounding them, are of a singular nature; and betwixt those who go from conviction and those who go from curiosity, he has always a crowded house. For some time past, he has been uttering violent tirades, in the shape of prophecies of various kinds; against other sects, particularly the Ministers of the Established Church; the College of Glasgow comes in for a pretty large share of his gall. He states that the wickedness of Glasgow is such that before now it would have shared the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, were it not for the existence of one righteous man, viz. himself. It having been intimated that on Sunday the 29th Septr. he would appear dressed in a white robe as Aaron the High Priest, along with a female in a similar dress as Miriam. Accordingly a great crowd was collected about the door in addition to the filling of the house.

Having entered the Holy of Holies, and there assisted by his faithful disciples, was attired in a long white robe, with a hat made of satin, something of an oblong shape on it was displayed, in large gold letters, "Holiness unto Jehovah;" on his right arm, "Victory is Jehovah's;" and he wore a breast plate, with the inscription in gold letters, "Truth and Justice;" round his waist was a blue sash representing the girdle of the law. Miriam was attired in a plain robe of white, and the girdle of the law round her waiste (which the prophet said the Lord had given her) and a round hat of white linen. Thus equipped the Prophet, attended by the Prophetess and another person, entered the hall, when the audience began to laugh; upon which the Prophet said: "Dont laugh, for I am endowed with the spirit of the Holy Prophets of old, and I have brought you a woman from God, the like of here has not appeared in the world for these 800 years. She has been in the pit of Purgatory for these seven years, and in hell for four; she has had conflicts with Beelzebub the Prince of Devils, and she has enjoyed sweet communion with Gabriel, the chief of Angels." After this the Prophet drew back, and Miriam advanced, she appeared to be about 40, nor remarkably handsome either in person or deportment. When the audience laughed she angrily said she was neither daft or stupid; she was sent by the great Jehovah to speak the truth; the father knows his children and she knew that the Lord knew her. She here seemed to falter, and the confusion and laughter increasing she sat down.

The Prophet then rose, and said he hoped the would have compassion on Miriam, who was a plain country woman, and was unused to speak in public. At this time there was a large crowd in the street endeavouring to get admittance, and when a brick-bat made its entrance through a window he exclaimed, "The devil and all his angels ate striving against us, the Lord who is with us is greater than they." He stated that he got all his knowledge in visions and that he had been in hell last week, and amongst other worthies he saw a late celebrated statesman sitting reading the Corn Bill in his hand, In Daniel it is said the reign of the beast is for 1260 years, which he said makes the year 1809 the time when the witnesses rose (that is the Radicals) and those who were beheaded at Glasgow and Stirling were witnesses, and sealed the testimony with their blood. Their bodies are to lie for three years and a half, and counting from April 1809, that time ends in November first, between the 20th and 30th of which he affirms that British Babylon will be completely overthrown; and that not only this nation, but all nations shall drink deep of the cup of God's indignation." He says that it has appeared before him, that Glasgow will either turn like Nineveh, or be laid in ruins like Sodom, a warning to future generations.

In the evening the multitude was very large; there was scarcely any passing down the Gallowgate or up the Dove-hill; and the police was obliged to be called in to clear the street. About 8 o'clock the prophet left the hall along with his female convert, and during their progress they were hissed and pushed and so roughly used that they were obliged to be taken under the protection of the police, who conducted them in safely to their earthly habitation in the Calton.

Printed by John Muir, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1822   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(040)
Broadside entitled 'The Awful Prophecies of David Ross'
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