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Broadside report of George IV's sailing to England from Queensferry in 1822


An account of his Majesty's Embarkation for England, at the
Queensferry, on Thursday the 29th day of August, 1822
Also his Majesty's

Farewell Adress

to the Scottish Nation, which he ordered his Secretary to de-
liver to the Lords at Edinburgh, a short time before he left
that City.

HIS Majesty passed through Edinburgh on Thursday for Hopetoun House, amidst
the repeated and hearty cheers of his subjects, escorted by the West Lothian,
Yeomanry.    Mr. Sheriff Duff attended him to Cramond Bridge, to see his Majesty
out of his jurisdiction.    Hopetoun House was graced with an assemblage of most of
the persons eminent for rank or abilities, in Edinburgh and West Lothian.

About four o'clock the bugles announced to the Archers that they were now to
take their station to bid adieu to the King. They formed on the stair, and the king
eyed them attentively, and bowed frequently as he passed to his carriage. The King
looked remarkably well, and was in the undress uniform. Cheers and blessings loud
and long attended his departure; they were cheers of joy at beholding their King,
and of regret for his departure. He then drove off for the Queensferry.

Previous to his Majesty leaving Edinburgh he ordered the following Letter to be
addressed to the Officers of State:?                            -                        

                                                                      " Edinburgh, August 29, 1822.

" My Lords?I have had the honour of receiving the King's commands to signify
to your Lordships his Majesty's unqualified approbation of all the arrangements which
have been made preparatory to his Majesty's reception, and during his stay in Scotland.

" His Majesty is desirous of returning his particular acknowledgments to the se-
veral departments of the State, to the Local Authorities, and to those Societies and
Institutions which have so zealously co-operated with them in paying every mark of
respect and attention to his Majesty, and in promoting that perfect order, regularity,
and success, with which every ceremony has been conducted.

" His Majesty commands me to add, that his residence in Scotland has proved to
him a source of unalloyed satisfaction. It has confirmed every favourable impression
which he previously entertained of the character and habits of the people; and it has
afforded to him that which must ever constitute his chief gratification, the opportu-
nity of witnessing the happiness of his subjects, and of receiving the most convincing
proofs of their faithful attachment and loyalty.                                       

" He takes leave of Scotland with the most cordial feelings of affection towards
his people, and with the deepest anxiety to promote their welfare.

" I have the honour to be with great truth and regard, My Lords, your Lord-
   ship most obedient and faithful Servant,                              

                                                       (Signed)                " ROBERT PEEL."

About four o'clock a gun announced that his Majesty had entered the barge, the
numerous flags with which the yachts were decked were soon taken down, and pre-
parations for sailing became manifest, when the royal squadron was saluted by a dis-
charge of artillery; and again from Bruntisland, the Fort of Leith, the ships in the
Roads, the Calton-hill and the Castle, as the Royal yacht came opposite to those
places, and the squadron was soon out of sight.

The King spoke, much of Scotland, and expressed his admiration of Edinburgh
beyond any other European City; the conduct of the people was his constant theme.
The King expressed his pleasure to sit for his portrait in the Highland dress to Sir
Henry Raeburn.                                          

                                                                              John Muir, Printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1822   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(036)
Broadside report of George IV's sailing to England from Queensferry in 1822
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