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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sebastopol Fashions'




Written by GEORGE BILLINGE, (Copyright)

       Sold by JAMES LINDSAY, Printer and Wholesale Stationer. 9 King Street, (off Trongate.) Glasgow.

Good people now just pray attend for awhile,

And I'll sing you a song that will cause you to smile,

Some curious facts to you I will tell,

But I can't tell you yet that Sebastopol fell.


This shows every trade into you they do pour,
The latest new fashions from the Russian War.

As you walk up and down in the town every day,
To look at the fashions the newest and gay,
You can have a Russian hat so neat and so pat,
For it is Alma this and Sebastopol that.

The first to begin, are the Tailors so true,
For, if you want a suit in Black, Green. or Blue,
All the time they are measuring, they ask with a smile,
If you'll have them made after the Sebastopol style.

The Shoemakers too they are on the look out,
To serve you with the latest new fashions just out,
And to please you all not one moment will loose,
With new Sebastopol boots, or the best Alma shoes.

The Drapers shops too have a pretty display,
For you to look at, as you pass that way,
You, will see Alma Handkerchiefs, Collars, and all,
And you can have a most splended Sebastopol shawl.

The Barbers too they are not far behind,
While you they are dressing fresh news they will find,
And the question to you they quickly will pop,
If you would not like to have a Sebastopol crop.

There is Alma Refreshment Rooms, and Alma Inns ;
Sebastopol Blacking, and Needles and Pins ;
And, when you dine at a Refreshment Room, it will
make you smile,
When they tell you your meat's cut in Sebastopol style.

The Fleshers, as yet, they have not found a plan,
To come up to the fashions like another man;

But perhaps, before long, you will soon cry ' oh lawk,
I declare there's Sebastopol beef, mutton and pork.

Now they say that the Russian bread is quite black,
And is hardly fit for a dog or a cat;
So if all the Bakers take right thoughts in their head,
They'll have nothing to do with Sebastopol bread.

The Spirit Dealers now, are all near the floor,
For they do not like the thoughts about the Maine Law
So, if they want to make money quick, and that
without fail,

They must have the best Alma Whisky and Sebasto-
pol Ale.

The Grocers can make a very good show,
Since the Sebastopol fashions are now all the go;   
They have got good Turkey coffee, & best China teas,
Perhaps they'll have fine Alma bacon and Sebastopol

The Hatters too have made a capital hit,
For if you want a hat or a cap for to fit,
They'll tell you the newest shapes are so pat,
To be fonnd in the best Alma cap or Sebastopol hat.

Now when the fair maids at a shop make a call,
They see Sebastopol dresses, and bonnets, and all,
So I expect to see in a very short while,
Every body dressed up in Sebastopol style.

When for a smoke you're inclined to drive away care,
Into a bacco shop then you're course you do steer,
And you will find yourself in a moment all wright,
For a nice Alma Cigar, and Sebastopol Pipe.

Now where ever you travel to, on old Britain's shore,
The only talk is about the Russian War;
But drive away sorrow and have no dull cares,
For, I think we shall wallop the Sebastopol Bears.

Now to get the new fashions why every one tries,
There is nice Alma tarts, and Sebastopol pies,
And I dont mean to tell you I come from hong kong,
But I'll warant that this is a Sebastopol song.


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Probable period of publication: 1852-1859   shelfmark: RB.m.169(140)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sebastopol Fashions'
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