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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Laird of D--mm--e'



The Laird of D?mm?e.

TUNE? " The Laird of Cockpen."

The Laird of D?mm?e he's gude and he's great,
He's ta'en up his head wi' affairs o' the state,
A Parliament-man he's determin'd to be,
O what wad ye think o' the Laird an M.P.
O what wad, &c.

The Laird he has plenty, baith siller and land,
The Laird's " independent"?can pay on demand ;
But whisky nor siller he'll never make more,
If you'll pledge to support the Laird o' D?mm?e.
If you pledge, &c.

And noo' a' ye dealers in whisky and tea,
Wha's accounts in his book stan' a wee bit agee,         
Only pledge him your vote?it will clear aff your score,
And begin a new leaf wi' the Laird o' D?mm ?e.
And begin, &c.

Ne'er daur to say " Na," unless you've the cash,
Or aiblins the Laird may gie you some fash,
For his twa harpy writers will be at your door
Wi' accounts ye maun pay to the Laird o' D?mm?e.
Wi' accounts, &c.

Noo a' ye blue jackets, tak' care how ye vote,
The Laird's " independent"?but mind ye are not;
For he swore, if ye bogled, ye'd ne'er dreg the shore
For oysters, in spite o' the Laird o' D?mm?e.
For oysters, &c.

An' mind dinna bather the Laird wi" your jaw,
'Bout Pensions or Pledges, Reform in the Law,
Corn Laws or Kirk Patronage?sure its a bore,
Ye may ken weel eneugh, to the Laird o' D?mm?e,
Ye may ken, &c.

Then silence your claver o' Whigs and o' Tories,
Did he no 'come Reformer to end a sic stories ?
And as for the lave, ye maun leave a back door,
Ye maunna be hard on the Laird o' D?mm?e.
Ye maunna, &c.

Regardin' sic stuff as his qualification,
It's true he's no gifted wi' speechification ;
But he'll vote?as his party aft voted afore?
The silent and usefu' guid Laird o' D?mm?e.
The silent, &c.

Ye've heard o', nae doubt, the wise men o' the east,
I'm sure the Laird's ane, and I'll gie ye my test,
For he's just like the hoolet, that emblem o' yore,
O' muteness and wisdom, sage Laird o' D?mm?e.
O' muteness, &c.

Then wha wad na vote for the Laird o' D?mm?e,
He'll stand to the Poll?tho' he ran ance afore ;
And elected, he'll leave aff gude whisky to brew,
An' to Lunon gang up and cried doon wi' BQ,
An' to, &c.                  

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(102)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Laird of D--mm--e'
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