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Broadside ballad entitled 'Abercromby's Answer, or the Exchequer Garland. Another excellent New Song'





Another excellent New Song,



Ye Whigs of high and low degree,                        
Come pipe all hands on deck d'ye see,
And teach all the crew to sing out for me,
        " Huzzah for Aber-crombie !                     
Aytoun's heart may be staunch and true,
But I can't tell where is his head?can you
        He may shout and spout
        To his greasy rout,
But it's all my eye, for it's past a doubt,
That the Tories will join us to kick him out,
        And bring in Aber-crombie!


He puffs himself in print to be sure,
How he cares not a curse for a sinecure,
And against all " sich" he his life will ensure,
        Unlike to Aber-crombie!
O! it's all very well for a man to say,
He's enough to live in a gentlemanny way,
        Let's wait a wee
        'Till he's tried like me.
And mayhap he'll contrive without much ado,
To swallow his thousand pounds or two,
        Just as well as Aber-crombie!


To square my life by the good Whig plan,
As how to take every place you can,
And, swear it was to keep out a Tory-man
        Was the will of Aber-crombie !
Some surly dogs now and   then would say,
What the devil's done in your court I pray,
        Let them talk as they list,
        I-'s snug in my fist,
With   two thousand a year I can bear a wipe,
Like a friend of my own who touches his pipe,
        To the same tune as Aber-crombie!


So ye Reformers stand by me,
And when I in Parliament shall be,
Then you shall see what -you shall see,
        If you vote for Aber-crombie!
Let honest Aytoun roar his fill,
And pledge himself to the Peoples Bill.
        I's all very true,
        But the thing won't do,
For he can't come down with the cash I suspect,
Whichh every honest man has a right to expect,
        As votes for Aber-crombie!

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(062)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Abercromby's Answer, or the Exchequer Garland. Another excellent New Song'
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