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Broadside ballad entitled 'Scotia's Dirge'



Being Verses on the Death of JOHN WILSON, Esq., the
Scottish Vocalist, who died in America, on the 9th
July, 1849.

AULD Scotia now may sigh aloud,
Her tears in torrents fa',
Her sweetest harp now hangs unstrung,
Since WILSON'S ta'en awa'.
He sang o' a' her warlike deeds,
An' sons that gallant were?
Her hoary towers, an' snaw-clad hills,
An' maidens sweet an' fair.

His was a harp o' thrillin' sound,
Could pleasure aye impart;
Its melody o' bygane days
Gaed hame to ilka heart.
Its strains could bring remembrance back
To youthful days at school;
Or mak' us sigh for Scotia's wrangs,
An' Flodden's day o' dool.

He sang o' beauty's winsome wiles,
In mony a leesome theme,
An' gather'd by his artless lays
A never-dying name.
While heather blooms on Scotia's hills,
An' burnies join the sea.
His aft applauded " Nichts wi' Burns"
Will ne'er forgotten be.

Ye gentle maids ! a tribute pay
Frae ' mang your western bowers.
An' strew the Minstrel's lowly grave,
Wi' summer's balmy flowers !
Then, rest thee, Minstrel ! Tho' thy harp
Can noo nae mair be found,
The lovers o' Auld Scotia's sangs
Can ne'er forget its sound !

Gourdon Schoolhouse,               WILLIAM JAMIE.
7th August, 1849.

[We understand that the author of the above dirge is
about to publish a little volume of poems by subscrip-
tion ; and we are happy to hear that the number of his
subscribers is already much beyond what he himself ex-
pected, especially among the clergy and literary gentle-
men in the neighbourhood. It is not for us to recom-
mend an unpublished work, but, judging from what of
Mr Jamie's productions we have published in our co-
lumns, we have every reason to believe that they will
meet with a ready sale. Mr Jamie has already been
before the public as a poet, and his former publication
was well received. For some time past, he has occu-
pied the situation of Teacher at Gourdon ; but we think
his talents are worthy of a better locality. He has la-
boured anxiously and faithfully among the fisher popu-
lation, but his situation has been one more of pleasure
than of profit.]?Ed. M. S.

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Date of publication: 1849   shelfmark: RB.m.143(200)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Scotia's Dirge'
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