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Broadside ballad entitled 'A New Song for the Electors of the County of Midlothian'




TUNE.?" The Young Lochinvar."

Oh! The gallant Sir John is a Knight of renown,
And from London post-haste he has lately come down,
Having fairly got out of that innocent scrape
Of the Banners, and Mottos, and bits of Black Crape ;
So that trumpery story may pass and begone,
Nor stain the fair fame of the gallant Sir John !

To be sure there arc some, who, in their simple way,
Still give an account of " that glorious day,"
Which, were it believ'd, it were awkward to tell
When a Knight has explain'd his own story so well;
But of these foolish people there surely is none
Whom you'd weigh in the balance with gallant Sir John !

Though half of our town's folk the TREASON might see,
Or think that they saw it?'tis nothing to me?
They were only spectators?and can you suppose,
That they either could see or describe it like those
Who were part of the mob, or perhaps led it on,
Or harangued on the Hustings, like gallant Sir John !

Nay, though AYTOUN himself, the disclaimer disclaim
That would rob him of half of his well-earned Fame,
And though others like Aytoun?if others there be?
Should spurn the attempt?still 'tis nothing to me?
For well do I know that the sun never shone
On a mirror more bright than the shield of Sir John !

If some bigot, to this, like D????------------, replies,
" I chuse after all to believe my own eyes"?
Though 'twere hard to condemn him, 'twere surely more
To question the faith of The SCOTTISH BAYARD?
For one must recur to the days that are gone
To find a compeer for the peerless Sir John !

Full oft have I heard my Grandmother tell
As a curious fact that " TRUTH" lies in a well,
And oft have I thought if there it is found,
It must follow, of course, that it's hard to be drowned;
And since this affair, I am sure there is none
Who knows this so well as the gallant Sir John !

Then long may He flourish in honour unstain'd !
No offence, no mistake ?not a doubt?unexplain'd!
And may our Electors no longer be blind
To the inborn strength of a Statesman-like Mind,?
And if he have rivals, why, let them come on,
And measure a lance with the gallant Sir John !

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: RB.m.143(181)
Broadside ballad entitled 'A New Song for the Electors of the County of Midlothian'
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