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Broadside entitled 'The Free Kirk and her Boy Tammy'


The FREE KIRK and her Boy TAMMY.

TUNE?" My Boy Tammy."

SCENR?Boy Tammy sitting at a Table, scouring some suspicious-looking Coppers
with Intellectual Sand, and a Leaf of the Bible.

" Whaur gat ye the bawbees ?
My boy Tammy;
Whaur forgather'd ye wi' these ?
My boy Tammy;
I dinna see the thistle blae?
The shamrock, nor the roses gay :
Sae tell me whaur they cam' frae?
I dinna think they're canny."

TAMMY?(scouring away)
" Ne'er fash about the bawbees,
My kind mammy ;
Speer naething. and I'll tell nae lies,
My kind mammy :
I gat them as I gat the lave?
I ask'd,my frien's?they freely gave ;
Sae hand your tongue, and dinna rave?
Thir cam frae Indiana."

KIRK?(gazing earnestly at a cent)?
" There's 'bluid upon the bawbees,
My boy Tammy ;
There's bluid upon the bawbees.
My boy Tammy;
There's bluid- I feel my vitals freeze ?
I'm fear'd ?I faint?my heart misgi'es?
A curse is on the bawbees !
Awa'-?they are nae canny.

TAMMY?(Terrified, imploringly)
" Hush ! dinna speak in sic a strain,
My kind mammy;
Just listen, and I'll mak' it plain,
My kind mammy;
I'll prove?just set your mind at ease?
I'll prove?eh ??ony thing you please?
I'll prove that they're a' guid bawbees,
My sweetest, sweetest mammy."

KIRK? (solemnly)
" I've heard a voice on thunder borne,
My boy Tammy;
I've seen the' finger raised in scorn,
My boy Tammy :
Heaven rings wi' DOUGLAS'S appeal,
An' thrills my heart like burnin' steel,
An' conscience racks me on the wheel-
Ye've wrang'd?ye've griev'd your

TAMMY?(scratching his hcad)
"Waes me, but you are gettin warou,
My kind mammy;
Ye're foamin' like a keg o' barm,
My kind mammy."

" Shall I, as free as ocean's waves,
Shake hands wi' women-whippin knaves,
An' build kirks wi' the bluid o' slaves ??
Sen' back?SEN' BACK THE MONEY !''

Be mercifu! an' say na mair,
My kind mammy ;               
Ye'll drive me headlong to despair,
My kind mammy ;
Send back the------!' Oh! It canna be;
Ye're gyte ! that wad destroy, you see,
The Kirk's Infallibility!
Ca' canny?Oh ! ca' eanny !"

KIRK?(much affected)
" I'm griev'd to hear you speakin' sae.
My boy Tammy;
My auldest bairn?wae's me the day.
My boy Tammy;
I'm never out o' scrapes an' stews,
There's aye some crotchet in your views;
Ye'll stain my robes?ye'll toom my pews?
They're flockin' back to GRANNY !

" What wad ye hae me dae? What? Fling-
Queer, queer mammy !"

" Yes; ' put away th' accursed thing.'
My boy Tammy ;
Oh ! cleanse awa' the filthy stain-
Return them a' their plunder'd gain."

TAMMY?(shaking his noddle)
" I canna do't, an' yet I'm fain."?


Exit TAMMY?overturning in, in his progress, the
table with the coppers, while MOTHER CHURCH
and DOUGLAS cordially shake hands.

SANDERSON, Printer, 36. Cowgate-head, Edinburgh.

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Probable date published: 1843-   shelfmark: RB.m.143(176)
Broadside entitled 'The Free Kirk and her Boy Tammy'
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