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Broadside ballad entitled 'Huzza For Reform and the Garland of Green!'




Garland of Green !


TUNE?Sprig of Shillelah.

Let them boast of the Shamrock, the Thistle, and Rose,
I sing of what's fairer then any of those?
Of the cause of Reform and the Garland of Green :

For green is the colour that gladdens the sight,
'Tis the Livery of Nature?'tis Aytoun's delight,
And long may that colour triumphant adorn,
The HERO by whom 'tis so worthily worn,
Then Huzza for Reform and the Garland the Green !

The Whigs they may swagger in Yellow and Blue,
But we'll give them a mouthful that's hard for to chew.
If they touch but a leaf of our Garland of Green.

And before they have done with that morsel so tough,
their hopes will be withered and yellow enough,
While by each true Reformer forever forsook,
I hardly need tell you how blue they will look,
While fieshly shall flourish the Garland of Green.

No wonder at Aytoun they spitefully rail,
Seeing how he's man on a popular Scale,
A friend of Reform and the Garland of Green.

They know he's determined their tricks to expose,
As all his past conduct sufficiently shows ;
And that in the great contest he never will yield,
But will kick each Whig-Pensioner out of the field,
In the cause of Reform and the Garland of Green.

Aberomnbie, the place-man,?deny it who dare?
The brand of corruption forever must wear,
While Aytoun shall triumph in Garland of Green.

He may talk very big of Reform to be sure,
But will any true Scotchman one moment endure,
While he wrings from the poor his two thousand a-year,
That his beggarly face should be ever seen here,
Where Reformers are crown'd with the garland of green

Then there's Jeffrey who's lately deserted the cause,
And by what he now calls "his unfortunate clause,"
Has insulted each Wend of the Garland of Green.

His friends may attempt the offence to explain,
But every attempt only fixes the stain;
So that now he has brought himself almost as low
As when laid on his back by the hard-hitting FOE
Of the cause of Reform and the Garland of Green.

Ye gallant Reformers, our Brethern of Leith,
Tell Bottom to chuse some appropriate wreath,
More fitting for him then the Garland of Green!

And if Bottom object to this good humoured wipe,
He knows the old proverb?"Put that in your PIPE"?
For a joke's but a joke, and to me it is clear,
We've our right to a laugh for six hundred a-year?
Let them laugh if they can at the Garland of Green.

But laughing and joking at present apart,
Let all true Reformers unite hand and heart
In the glorious cause of the Garland of Green.

Let every true Briton re-echo the song,
And the true sons of Erin be first in the throng ;
And then let Whig-Pensioners talk as they may,
Our own gallant AYTOUN shall carry the day,
So Huzza for Reform and the Garland of Green !

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: RB.m.143(172)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Huzza For Reform and the Garland of Green!'
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