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Broadside ballad entitled 'We've Aye Been Provided For'


We've Aye been Provided For.


Copies of this very popular song can always be had
in the Poet's Box, 80 London Street, Glasgow.

All kinds of Music supplied to order on moderate terms.


Sit ye down here, my cronies, and gie us your crack,
Let the wind tak the care o' this life on its back ;
Our hearts to despondency we never will submit,
For we've aye been provided for, and sae will we yet.
        And sae will we yet, &c.

Let the miser delight in the hoarding of pelf,
Since he has not the soul to enjoy it himself;
Since the bounty of Providence is new every day,
As we journey through life let us live by the way.
        Let us live by the way, &c.

Then bring us a tankard o' nappy guid ale,
For to comfort our hearts and enliven the tale ;
We'll aye be the merrier the langer we sit,
For we've drunk thegither mony a time, and sae will we
        And sae will we yet, &c.

Success to the farmer, and prosper his plough,
Rewarding his eident toils a' the year through ;
Our seed-time and harvest we ever will get,
For we've lippened aye to Providence, and sae will we yet.
        And sae will we yet, &c.

Long live the Queen, and happy may she be,
And success to her forces by land and by sea;
Her enemies to triumph we never will permit,
Britons aye have been victorious, and sae will they yet.
        And sae will they yet, &c.

Let the glass keep its course, and go merrily round,
For the sun has to rise, though the moon it goes down ;
Till the house be rinnin' round about, it's time enough
to flit,
When we fell, we aye got up again, and sae will we yet.
        And sae will we yet, &c.

Songs sent to any part of the country on receipt of
postage stamps for the number required, along with an
extra stamp to ensure a free return per post.    Immediate
despatch may be relied upon.


The engine-driver                                O, for the bloom of my own
I'll tell your wife                                        native heather
My rattling mare and I                        Love's request
Send back my Barney to me                        The Desert
Merry old Uncle Joe                        The gambler's wife
I cannot sing the old songs                        Jessie at the railway bar
Poor old Mike                                Up with   the   lark in the
Stirrup cup                                morning
Oak and the ivy                                My old wife
Lone starry hours                                Teddy O'Neil
Health to the outward-bound                        The old sexton
The happy family                                Bonnie boy in blue
Blue-eyed Nelly                                She danced like a fairy
Charming little Sal                                Mother, I've come home        
Pride of Pimlico                                die
Dancing swell                                All among the barley
Conquering boys of Donegal                        Father, come home

Saturday morning, Nov. 27, 1869.

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Date of publication: 1869   shelfmark: RB.m.143(154)
Broadside ballad entitled 'We've Aye Been Provided For'
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