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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gambler's Wife'


The Gambler's Wife.


Copies of this favourite song can only he had in the
POET'S BOX,8 [       ], Glasgow

Tune--- Original,

Dark is the night?how dark?no light, no fire,
Cold on the hearth the last faint sparks expire,
Shiv'ring she watches by the cradle side,
For him who pledged her love last year a bride.
Hark, 'tis his footsteps?no, 'tis past, 'tis gone,
List, list, how wearily the time rolls on ;
Why should be leave me thus, he once was kind,
And I believed 'twould last?oh, how mad, how blind.
Rest thee, my babe?rest, rest, 'tis hunger's cry,
Sleep, for there's no food?the fount the fount is dry;
Famine and cold their weary work have done,
My heart will break and thou wilt die, and thou wilt die.
        Hark, the clock strikes one !

Hark, 'tis the dice box?yes, he's there, he's there?
For this he leaves me to despair ;
Leaves love, leaves truth, his wife, his child, for what?
The drunkard's fancied bliss, the gambler's horrid lot.
Yet I'll not chide him?no, 'tis all in vain,
"Tis long to wait, but sure he'll come again,
And I could starve and bless him but tor you, for you,
Oh, fiend, oh, fiend?hark, the clock strikes two !

Hark how the signboard cracks?the blast howls by?
Moan, moan, ye winds through the cloudy sky ;
Hark, 'tis his knock?he comes, he comes once more?
No, 'tis but the wind again, and all my hopes are o'er,
Never to bloom again and cheer me as of yore,
                Never, never again.

Can he desert me thus? he knows I stay, he knows I stay,
Night after night in loneliness, in loneliness to pray
For his return, and yet he sees no tear,
No, no, it cannot be?no, no, he will soon be here.
Nestle more closely, dear one, to my heart,
Thou art cold, thou art freezing, but we will not, will
        not part;
Husband, I die?Father, it is not he, it is not he ?
Oh, God, protect my child?oh, God, protect my child?
Oh, protect my child,
                Hush?the clock struck three !


Containing 32 pages of closely printed matter.

THIS ' MODEL CATALOGUE OF SONGS,' as it is now universally
called, contains several poetical effusions which, of them-
selves, are worth ten times the money. It will be sent free,
per post, to any part of the Three Kingdoms, on receipt of
Two Postage Stamps. This boon to the POET'S friends at a
distance cannot be too highly prized, for it brings Aladdin-
like, the wonders of the Box to every fire-side.


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Saturday Morning, Dec. 22, 1866.

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Date of publication: 1866   shelfmark: RB.m.143(140)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gambler's Wife'
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