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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dancing Swell'


The Dancing Swell.


Copies of this favourite song can only be had in the


In the art of dancing
Greatly I excel,
It has a power entrancing
On this agile swell.
Girls to dance are willing,
All to me incline,
They say, with glances killing,
My waltzing is " divine."

Chorus?They call me " the dancing swell,"
        All others I do excel,
        Wherever I go I'd have you to know,
        I'm known as the dancing swell.

For a partner taking
Whomsoe'er I choose,
Such impression making
That they can't refuse.
They, when they've the chance, too,
Gladly it embrace,
They all avow I dance, too,
The Polka with " such grace."
                They call me, &c.
(Dance?Tempo di Polka.)

I'm the sole delight of
Each accomplished Miss,
He they ne'er lose sight of,
Or 'twould mar their bliss.
Bound the ball-room prancing.
Graceful, easy, light,
And when Varsovians dancing,
I am " perfection quite."
                They call me, &c.

Ball-room or Casino,
There I reign supreme,
None compete with me. no,
None would ever dream.
None possess the power,
So one dare to try,
And then in the Redowa,
No one can with me vie.
                They call me, &c.

That my style has ease with
Elegance combined,
Every one agrees with,
E'en the most refined.
When the Schottische dancing,
Well I mark the time,
Girls say, without romancing,
In that I'm " most sublime."
                They call me, &c.
(Dance? Schottische.)

Let Glasgow flourish                       London Lions
Matilda Toots                                 The news boy
Bitter beer                            The pawnshop on fire
The apple-stall                                You would not leave your
The ewe-buchts                         Norah

Saturday Morning, Sept. 22, 1866.

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Date of publication: 1866   shelfmark: RB.m.143(135)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Dancing Swell'
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