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Broadside ballad entitled 'Lines Written on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn'




Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn,

JUNE   24th,   1893.

Inscribed to Wallace Bruce, Esq., American Consul at Edinburgh, and Theodore Napier, Esq.
of Magdala, President of the Scottish National Association of Victoria, on the occasion of
their unfurling the Scottish Standard and British Ensign from the Flagstaff at the Borestone.

THE grand June sun with regal sway
Has through the solstice gone
Four times since on that happy day
At this, our old " Borestone,"
The Scot revered throughout the world
The Banner of the Bruce unfurled.

And Stirling's Provost Yellowlees
With presence brave and strong,
And bracing as a mountain breeze
Addressed a countless throng
With brilliant speech, and with Macrae.
Brought down applause from bank and brae.

While, who that saw can e'er forget
The glories of that day,
Those mighty crowds, I see them yet
All stretching far away,
The martial music still I hear,
Filling alike both soul and ear.

The years go on, and still we find
A true succession here,
The patriot heart, the loyal mind
Are with us year by year,
They gather home from many lands,
And join as brothers in our bands.

Thus, Wallace Bruce, thy king-like name
Comes with a potent spell,
Thou Patriot Poet of noble fame
Who loves our country well,
While Scottish hearts both far and near
Accord thee royal welcome here.

And Napier, how shall words express
In common speech to thee,
How Scotland's heart goes forth to bless
Her sons far o'er the sea,
How mother-love so warm and true
Goes from the old world to the new.

A mighty host to-day will cheer
For Bruce on every side,
And our majestic hills shall hear
And answer far and wide ;
The Abbey Craig shall once again
Take up the note in bold refrain.

While Stirling Castle once the seat
Of Scottish Kings shall fire,
The Bruce and Thistle drums shall beat
And all our hearts inspire,
And martial men shall grandly tread
The ground where Bruce to victory led.

Come, Wallace Bruce, come Theodore *
From countries far away,
Your names shall live in classic lore
The heroes of this day ;
Historians of a future age
Shall write your words in history's page.

And, oh ! while on these hallow'd heights
Inspired by holiest zeal,
For dear old Scotia's sacred rights,
Her sons and daughters weal,
Bless God, that not for battle cry
Men gather now to do or die.

That peace within our blood bought land
Sits throned on every hill,
Nor brother falls by brother's hand,
But love and best good will
Encircle as a golden zone
This gathering at our old Borestone.

*Theodore Napier.

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Date of publication: 1893   shelfmark: RB.m.143(111)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Lines Written on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn'
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