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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Ball of Dandyorum'


The Ball of Dandyorum.

This very comical song was written and sung by J. Kearney, in the character
of 'Owney,' at the Castle Tavern, Dublin ; and so great is the thirst for it in
Scotland, that hourly are the walls of the Box echoing with lots of young chaps
crying out for 'Dandyorum.' Till now the Poet could never get hold of it ; but
now that the Yankee and the steam power of Billy has got hold of it, all can get
Dandyorum from the usual place, Poet's Box, No. 6, St Andrew's Lane, off Gal-
lowgate Street, Glasgow.

AIR- The Rakes o' Mallow.

All you that are here attend, I pray,
And you shall hear, without delay,
About a party great and gay,
The type of all decorum
The nobility met one and all,
Last week, down in the Music Hall,
At a Masquerade and Fancy Ball,
That was gave by Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

Large placards soon the fun announced,
The ladies got their gowns well flounced ,
And as through jigs and reels they bounced,
Like ribbons they all tore 'em
Michael's Lane, and Meath Street too,
Was search'd for clothes, black, brown, and blue,
To dress this awful motley crew
For the ball of Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral &c

For tickets they had such demand,
His committee soon had it planned
To go and engage with Jullien's band,
They sent them off before 'em
They made me Usher of the Rod,
Till the lush began to make me nod,
Then on the buniony toes I trod
On the moth of Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

Zozimus came drest as a Turk,
Peg the man was Paddy from Cork,
Lord Howth, as a tinker, wanted work,
He tied my bib before him
A quadrille or waltz he'd not go through,
But he roared for kettles old or new;
When he got no hammering to do,
He hammered Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

There were oyster men and cockle pickers,
Snibs was watching all our tickers ,
Spaniards, Turks, and herring-feckers
Dancing Tullochgorum.

Major White and Mickey Maw
Were dressed as two limbs of the law,
With clients they kept up such jaw,
I complained to Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

Dandyorum called them two blackguards,
That led to an exchange of cards,
They brought pistols down to one of the yards
But first they drank a jorum
They pulled the triggers bold and stout,
But devil a bullet would come out,
They were loaded both with stirabout
By the friends of Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

The Major's shot took no effect,
But Dandy's hit him in the neck,
And left his clothes a pretty spec,   
With the stirabout all o'er him
When Mickey seen the Major's job,
For spite he tore his foolish nob,
And he swore by his martial slipper gob
He'd swallow Dandyorum.
                           Tooral ooral, &c

The report of both the pistol shots
Frightened the life out of all the moths,
They ran, and down went pans and pots,
That was making up the jorum
The Music Hall began to fill
With Peelers, and to show their skill,
To the station house, their last quad-rille,
Was led by Dandyorum.
                Tooral ooral, &c

In the morning we were marched in state
Before the sitting magistrate,
And the Peeler that was on the beat
Showed how the moths all tore him
Old Bag-wig says, you've broke the peace,
You must get a run in the Bastile chaise,
To round the rack for fourteen days-
O, more luck! says Dandyorum.
                Tooral oeral, &c

This funny song, along with thousands of others, can only be had from the Poet out of his Box, No. 6,
St Andrew's Lane, off Gallowgate Street, Glasgow. Bear in mind to come there, for the Poet is now away
from his old Box, it being very meanly and very shabbily taken over his head.

But all say they would rather see the Poet in his New Box, for they have more room by far, so then
come all to the New Box, No. 6, St Andrew's Lane, off Gallowgate Street, Glasgow.
2d June 1851

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Date of publication: 1851   shelfmark: RB.m.143(046)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Ball of Dandyorum'
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