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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Child's Dream: A Story of Heaven'



Before a lonely cottage once,
With climbing roses gay,
I stood one summer's eve to watch
Two children at their play:
All round the garden walks they ran,
Filling the air with glee,
Till they were tired, and sat them down
Beneath an old oak tree.

They were silent for a little space,
And then the boy began,-
" I wonder, sister dear, if I
Shall ever be a man!
I almost think I never shall;
For, oft-times in my sleep
I dream that I am dying;-nay,
Dear sister, do not weep.

It is a joyful thing to die,
For though this world is fair.
I see a lovelier in my dreams,
And fancy I am there:
Methinks that I am taken there,
As soon as I have died,
And I roam around a pleasant place,
With an angel by my side.   

To that bright world I long to go,-
I would not linger here,
But for my gentle mother's sake,
And your's, my sister dear.
And when I read my book to her,
Or when I play with you,
I quite forget that glorious land,
And blessed angels too.

But oft, when I am weary grown
Of books, and of my play,
Those pleasant dreams come back again
And steal my heart away.
I wish that you, sweet sister,
And my mother dear, and I,
Could shut our eyes upon this world,
And all together die."

Then his loving sister spoke,
In tones serene and low,-
"Oh! if heaven is such a glorious place.
Dear brother, let us go:
Our mother wept when father died,
Till her bright eyes were dim;
And I know she longs to go to heaven,
That she may be with him."

"So let us all together go,"
The thoughtful boy replied,-
"Ah! no, we cannot go to heaven,
Until we, too, have died;
But, sister, we must be content
Upon this earth to stay,
Till the blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ,
Shall call our souls away."

Once more I bent my lonely way
Towards the cottage door,
Methought to see the children play,
But, alas! they were no more.
Before the next year's roses came,
That gentle call was given,-
The mother and her two sweet babes,
Had joined the saints in heaven.

J. Scott, Pittenweem ; J. Wood, Edinburgh.         

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Probable period of publication: 1843-1855   shelfmark: L.C.1260(181a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Child's Dream: A Story of Heaven'
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