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Broadside ballad entitled 'Parody on the Sailor's Grave'


PARODY ON The Sailor's Grave.


Copies of this popular song can only be had in the Poet's Box

Air-The Sailor's Grave.

The fight was far, far from the land.
When the bravest of our gallant band
Grew deadly pale and weaned away
From a shillelagh's top on an autumn day.
We watched him through long hours of pain,
We propped him up and he fought again;
Pat struck but gave no coward's alarms,
But he kick'd and died in M'Mulligan's arms.

We had no costly winding sheet,
We placed two murphies at his feet;
And with his long coat snug and sound
As St Patrick he'd a long shroud, marble bound,
We proudly deck'd his funeral vest,
With a sprig of shillelagh on his breast-
We gave him this as a badge of the brave,
And then he was fit for Paddy's grave.

Our mind's were sore, and our hearts turn'd weak,
Hot murphies smoked on the brawney cheek,
And the buttermilk played on the lip of pride,
As we lower'd him down the turf's dark side.
Then a crush and a split and all was o'er,
And the turf rolled in as it was before;
And many's the heart did weep o'er the brave,
As we lower'd him down in Paddy's grave.

The Poet is happy to state, that he has added the following
favourite songs to his already vast collection, viz. :-

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Bold James Sherdan

Containing 32 pages of closely printed matter.
THE information conveyed to all Lovers of Song in this
elegant little production is almost incredible-in fact, all
who have perused it have been struck with wonder and
astonishment. The POET'S poetical " ADDRESS TO THE
WORLD AT LARGE," is alone worth ten times the money, not
to mention the vast amount of important matter which its
pages contain. It will be sent free, per post, to any part of
the three kingdoms, on receipt of Two Postage Stamps

Saturday Morning, May 2,1863.

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Date of publication: 1863   shelfmark: L.C.1269(176.a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Parody on the Sailor's Grave'
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