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Broadside ballad entitled 'Beautiful Nell'


Beautiful Nell-


Copies of this favourite song can only be had in the
Poet's Box

Don't talk to me of pretty girls, of lovely women don't,
I'll never listen to a word I won't, no, that I won't!
There's not a beauty in the land to match my peerless belle;
I'll tell you all about my love, my beautiful, my Nell.

Beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes,
Bright as the morning and blue as the skies,
Beautiful teeth and hair as well,
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Nell.

We met, 'twas in a crowd you know, as some one somewhere sings,
The scene a ball-room, where I marked this angel wanting wings;
She floated in the gay quadrille, mazurka'd, polka'd as well,
But whirling wildly In the waltz the darling tripp'd and fell.
Spoken-Exposing the smallest portion of the heel of a Cinderella slipper; oh!

Whistle-Beautiful girl, &c.

I picked her up most tenderly, and asked if she was hurt,
Conveyed her to an ottoman, and then began to flirt;
She told me she was just eighteen, was reading Martin Tupper,
Was fond of strolls in moonlit groves, and thought she'd have some supper!

Whistle-Beautiful girl, &c.

At supper, lobster, salad, love, and chicken we discussed,
We gabbled and we gobbled as all supping lovers must;
We champagn'd, sherried, and mosell'd each time the bottle past,
Methought each smile the darling gave was lovelier than the last.

Whistle-Beautful girl, &c.

I think somehow the wine I drank had made me all amiss,
Or why, why was I fool enough to try and steal a kiss;
" Oh, some one fetch my husband, do!" she screamed out in affright;
" Married by jingo!" I exclaimed, and did a " fly by night."

Whistle-Beautiful girl, &c

A sadder and a wiser man I reached my home once more,
And, madly raving at my lot, my raven hair I tore;
I'm wretched as a man can be, and farewell, oh, farewell!
To that sweet, dear, deceiving dream, my beautiful, my Nell.

Whistle-Beautiful girl, &c.

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Saturday morning, May 9, 1868.

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Date of publication: 1868   shelfmark: L.C.1269(162a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Beautiful Nell'
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