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Broadside ballad entitled 'Where is my Nancy?'


Where is My Nancy ?
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A charming young creature named Nancy Barr,
Nancy Barr, lived with her ma;
Of fair ones, oh! she was the fairest by far,
A charmer bewitching and smart.
No dicky-bird singing up in the sky,
In the sky, was more happy than I,
But to happiness now I have said " goodbye,"
For to pieces she's broken my heart!


Does any one know where my Nancy's gone?
Nancy's gone, Nancy's gone;
Does any one know where my Nancy's gone?
Where, oh! where is my Nancy?

At a ball I first met her one night by chance,
Quite by chance, couldn't she dance,
While others would clumsily shuffle and prance,
Her waltzing was something divine.
I felt I was madly in love at first sight,
Love at first sight, lumps of delight,
When I took her to supper and did the polite,
Or helped her to ices and wine.

When she spoke, oh! my head spun round like a top,
My heart went wop, and flippity flop!
So the terrible question I ventured to " pop,"
She blushed, and then softly said " yes."
I measured her finger and bought the ring,
Bought the ring, 'twas just the thing;
All the next week did nothing but dance and sing,
My joy there are few who could guess.

The day it was fixed, and I felt so gay,
Oh! so gay, in my bridal array;
As I went to the church little boys cried "hooray,"
I felt quite inflated with pride.
We were to be married at Hanover Square,
Hanover Square, carriage and pair;
When I got to the church she wasn't there!
Oh! where was my Nancy, my bride?

They say she's eloped with a Horse Guard Blue,
A Horse Guard Blue, oh! a regular do;
I thought her so pretty, so good, and so true,
I felt really out of my mind.
I've searched for her everywhere, but in vain,
All in vain, I feel all over pain,
When I think I may never look on her again,
But I'll wander till Nancy I find.

So, does any one know where my Nancy's gone?
Nancy's gone, Nancy's gone;
Can't somebody tell me where Nancy's gone?
Oh! where, ah! oh, where is my Nancy?

Songs sent to any part of the country on receipt of postage stamps for the number required, along with an
extra stamp to ensure a free return per post. Immediate despatch may be relied upon.

Saturday morning, Dec. 4, 1869.

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Date of publication: 1869   shelfmark: L.C.1269(153b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Where is my Nancy?'
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