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Broadside entitled 'An Elegy'




On the Death of the much lamented Reverend Mr. WILLIAM DUNN, late Minister of
Kirkintilloch, who died on Saturday, November 3, 1798.               

Mourn Dame RELIGION !

sable garments wear,
And o'er thy Son distill

the matron tear;

Thy sacred cheeks let
silent sorrow trace,

And pious anguish cloud
thy azure face :

Thy child is gone?the champion
of thy cause,                  

And bold asserter of
thy injur'd laws:

In him thy interest ever

found a friend,
Warm to invite, and
dauntless to defend:

Nor did with years his
fervent heat decline,
His years gave ardour
in the task divine;

As safe experience points
the false from true,
So he convicted did
his course pursue.

well he new thy springs,
And clipt the plumes of
thy advent'rous wings :

He knew each bias of
the human mind,
Each various genus
and each separate kind,

He knew where frailty
pronely step'd aside-
He mark'd the failing
and the fault did chide ;

Yet with the feeling
of a friend who knew
The latent cause the
guilty shade he drew

Mourn Traitor DEVTH!?
o'er him thou strove in vain
To throw by sealth thy
adamantine chain:

In vain for him the
barbed dart thou drew,
And dipt its point in
pandemonian dew;

In vain for him thou
fledg'd thy quiver round,
And from thy back the
massy bow unbound.

Long, long he saw thee
o'er the quiver hang,
And place thy arrow
on the fatal string ;

Long, long he saw thee
ev'ry art prepare,
And place malignant
ev'ry sabtile snare;

His pulpit lectures,
comments on thy pow'r
Show'd him in waiting
for his final hour.

Mourn Herdless FLOCK !
your Shepherd now no more
Will tent your wand'rings
on this weary shore :

No more his tounge will
teach your feet the way ,
To the bright regions.
of eternal day!

He's gone to prove what
he below enjoin'd-?
He's gone to feel what
none below can find?

Prepare to follow?
still let your prayer be
With him to share
a bless'd Eternity!

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Probable date published: 1798-1799   shelfmark: 6.365(108)
Broadside entitled 'An Elegy'
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