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Broadside entitled 'Matrimony Application by Advertisement, for a Wife'





Just Published, the True, and Genuine Copy of an
Advertisement for a wife, which appeared a few days
ago, in one of the Edinburgh Journals; with Copies
of the Letters received by Lawranse Scott, Esquire, in
answer to his advertisement, from the following reject-
ed Females?viz, A Governess to a family in King St.
?a Cook to a noble family who had saved 7 years
wages in Prince's St.?a young heiress residing with
her father at Newington.?,and a late Spirit Merchant's
widow in Leith,

The followlog is a genuine copy of an advertisement for a wife,
which lately appeared in a respectable Edinburgh Journal.

MATRIMONY.?A Widow Lady without children, of respectable
connections(or a lady who has not been married), from 30 to 35
years of age, of mild temper aud pious habits, who has a few hun-
dred of pounds at her own disposal, or is in possesion of a perma-
nent annuity or property, and has no aversion to enter into matri-
mony, may hear of an advantageous match by attending to this ad-
vertisement, The advertiser is an active middle aged gentleman,
in good health, respectable in his appearance and manners, and com-
mands a moderate annuity for life ; and in other respects is by no
means destitute or embarrassed. His pure motive is to be made
more comfortable through life, with a prudent partner in connubial
happiness and retirement A lady residing in the county, or one
accustomed with frugality, would be preferred ; and a period of a
month from this date will be allowed to elapse for consideration and
inquity, before any engagement is concluded Answers, descriptive
of particular, with address, to be sent, sealed and directed, X, Y. Z.
to the office of this paper.

The following are copies of the answers rejected by the applicant.


Were I not convinced of
the sincerity of your proposals. I would
never think of answering your your advertise-
ment, but I am moreover inclined to re-
ply to It, even at the risk of a disappoint
ment, from my deep anxiety to change my
present situation in life, I flatter myself
to be possessed of all the requisites pointed
out by you excepting one which alludes to
pecuniary matters , which , however, you
may deem a necessary qualification .

I consider myself bound in honour, to
tell you frankly. that I have not been able
to save a single shilling from; my salary,
having expended avery farthing as it be-
came due, in improving my mental quali-
ties and outward deportment; which, 'I am
sure, were I fortunate enough to be ac
quainted with you. you would appreciate
far above riches. I can produce ample
testimonials of my character and abilitie"
from Lady G.---------. in whose family I
have served for a number of years , but my
MODESTY makes me decline sending them
until you favour me with an interview.
J------D.------,15th, February

Dear Sir,

                You may think me
forward (being only a Cook ) but having
saved a few hundred pounds while in the
R------I Hotel. Ned, his Lordship's Factor:
showed me the advertisement, saying that
I would answer you to a tee, barring that
I am a dozen or two years older than the
one' you want I so Mr Edward pats me on

the cheek, and whispers in my
lug Grizel my dear dont mind,
yo'll pass for 50 any, day" , You
need not be jealous of Mr Edward
for he has a wife of his own, to
be sure she is in London, as they
wont 'gree about an Unnatural
brat of his. Since I left the hotels
Sir I am out of the way of tempt-,
ation, as I never sees the Captain
who used to teaze me so. In the
expection of a quick and favour-
able answer, I am your intended
GRIZ1EL    W---------m,

Newington, 17th February.

Miss L-------, presents her best
compliments to Mr X, T. Z, and
being possessed of a handsome
fortune, I have no objections to
make an clopoment with you. pro-
vided you are endowed with the
qualifications described,

A Widow who has long felt and
experienced the happiness of the
married state, wishes again to be
joined in matrimony, she in the '
mean time, begs to stop X Y, Z.
from making any engagement un,
til she has an opportunity of des-
cribing her good qualities.


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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'Matrimony Application by Advertisement, for a Wife'
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