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Broadside lamenting the death of John Kennedy


Auld Reekie's Lament for John Kennedy,


Who Died October 1832, above Eighty years of age,?the best of which time
he spent in Edinburgh.    He was beloved by all who knew him,
for his simplicity and kindly deportment.

Song?tune, Johny cope.

JOHN KENNEDY is e'en awa,
The best o' men we ever saw ;
He helpt us up when we wou'd fa',
The friendly man?John Kennedy.

Tho' we were drunk as drunk could be,
Frae the Town-Guard John kept us free ;
For weel John like't the barley bree,
The happy man?John Kennedy.

He'd lead us hame tho' drunk's a sow,
An' clean'd our claes when we would spue;
He'd stick to us as firm as glue,
The friend o' friends?John Kennedy.

When we would gi'e him warst o' names
When he kept watch at our auld krames,
A' that he said?You maun gang hames,
You're a' my bairns?cried Kennedy.

At last a birth fell to his share,
To walk about our bonny Square;
To watch King Charlie was his care,
The King o' men?John Kennedy.

He was as steady as a rock
To keep a watch owre filthy folk;
Had they p?'t there, dread, dread their c?k,
Or creish the loof o' Kennedy.*

A Banker o' the highest fame,
Sir Willie Forbes?bless the name !
Rewarding merit ne'er was lame,
A pension gi'ed to Kennedy.

O cruel, cruel was the day,
John saw King Charlie ta'en away ;
The grief e'en made his haffets grey,
The honest man?John Kennedy.

The like o' John we'll never see?
Oh ! cruel fate that he should die !
For the Police, mak's us to flee;
They're no like auld John Kennedy.

Peace be wi' you ! auld honest John,
You've left us a' to weep an' moan ;
Auld Reekie's sons, erect a stone
To keep in mind John Kennedy.


Here lies the remains of John Kennedy,
Beloved by all?hated by none ;               
In proof of which. Auld Reekie's happy sons
Erect this simple unadorned stone.         

The famed advocate, the late J?n Cl?k, was one day about to plead some important case before the
Inner-House of the Court of Session___When called upon, he was necessitated to obey nature's call first; but,
alas! our friend, John Kennedy, keeping a sharp look-out, seizes our limb of the law, demanding a fine of
Sixpence for watering King Charlie. Our advocate, not very willing to pay the fine, told John he had nothing
less than a shilling. " She'll get change," says Kennedy. " No, no," cries the lawyer, " Keep the shilling;
but keep in mind, John, you owe me a p?." " Oh, aye," cries Kennedy, " She mind that, M rClark,''

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Probable date published: 1832   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside lamenting the death of John Kennedy
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