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Broadside entitled 'Discovery of Ancient Relics'




Ancient Relics.

A Full, True, and Interersting Account' of
that Remarkable and Important Discovery
made yesterday in taking down the old
houses in the Castle-hill, when there was
found a box contanig several Ancient Coins,
a Massy Gold Ring, an old fashioned Dirk.
and a Wonderful Prophecy made in the
yerar 1550, respecting great events which
are to happen this present year.

A Report has just reached us of a very
Remarkable and Interesting Discovery bar-
ing been made yesterday by the labourer.
employed in taking down an old house in
the Castle-hill', of a wooden Box containing
Several very ancient relics and a Wonderful
Propheey made in the year 1550, relative to
Strange events which are to take place this
present year.

From the confused statement so hastily
made to us we have endeavoured to collect
the following interesting particulars : ??

Our readers are already aware that most.
of the tenements in tho Castle-hill are of
very ancient constructure, more especially
those situated in the closes or alleys leading
from the main street down to the Grass
market and were in former days inhabited
by the wealthy and the powerful of the -
land. Though we could mention the names
of many of the noble occupiers of these once
magnificent but now decidedly humble dwel-
lings,we deem it here would be superfluous.
and referring the curious to Chalmers' Tra-
ditions, we shall at once proceed to the sub-
ject of the discovery.

As some of the workmen employed in tak-
ing down the houses in the Castle-hill which
stand in the line of the New Improvements
were busily engaged in loosening part of a
joint wall of mutual gable. and while one of
them was in the act of displecing a stone of
pretty large dimensions, his attention was
arrested at the sight of a wooden box con-
cealed in a cavity beneath On examination
it was found to be made of oak, in a state of
excellent preservation, the sides were clasp-
ed with iron, and the lid carefully nailed and
sealed down. It appeared that it must have
been secreted in the wall at some period sub-
sequent to its erection, for a piece of stone
was found neatly fitted in on the inside of
what had lately been a small chamber.

On opening the box, there was found de-
posited within several very ancient coins, a
massy gold ring, seemingly of great antiqui-
ty, a curious sort of dirk, richly Studded
with silver, and a piece of parchment tightly
rolled together, bearing the following curious
inscription, wrote in old fashioned but very
intelligible characters:?

" 1550, Januarie 12. [A Bytter Frost.]
In ye year 1881, There shalle be myghtie
trobelles. Ye countrye shalle be on ye brink-
of destroctione, but they re shalle aryse meane
aboundinge in vertew and talente, we shalle
restor it to helthe and soundenesse, and cause
ye pepel to lyve in prosperytye. Ye power
turned agynst ye pepel shalle be yeelded to'
its ryghtful owners."

It is to be hoped that these valuable anti-
quities will be carefully preserved and sub-
mitted to the inspection of the curious.

Edinburgh, Printed for the Booksellers,.
Price One Penny.

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Probable date published: 1831   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'Discovery of Ancient Relics'
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