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Broadside entitled 'A New Way of Raising the Wind!'


A New Way of Rais-
ing the Wind!

An account of rather a New and Curious
Circumstance that took place at Aber-
deen a few days ago, between a re-
spectable Lecturer on Anatomy in
that City, and a party of Sailors from
a Merchant Vessel, who touched there
on her voyage from America.?Ex-
tracted from " the Fife Journal" of
Thursday the 26th February, 1829.

"WE have many stories from various parts of
the country, relative to the late atrocious
murders in the West Port, some of rather a dis-
graceful nature ; but the following, copied from a
respectable Newspaper, is of a different cast, and
may be viewed as the frolicsome thought of the

" A BLACK SUBJECT.....A few days ago, an
English vessel on her voyage from America, touch
ed at Aberdeeen. Some of the crew belonging to
that place, along with the rest of their messmates,
went ashore in the evening, to spend an hour or
two ever a cheerful glass of grog. They drink
cather freely, and Burk and his associates having
been the topic of conversation for a part of the
night, it occurred to one of the tars, that to dis-
pose of a subject would be speedy and sure me
thod of raising the wind?in which they were a
little deficient for the sake of the reckoning. The
plan, after a little conversation on the practibility
of its execution, was unanimausly agreed upon ;?
and a daring man of colour volunteered to be the
subject, provided they could furnish him with a
large knife. Being equipped with one of a proper
size, he was put into a sack which had been pro-
cured ; and three of the crew of the best address,
called at the house of a Lecturer on Anatomy and
disposed of the body, telling him it was one of
their messmates who, previous to their arrival, had
died of apoplexy. Having got 3 in hand, with
the promise of more next day, they carried the
corpse down into the cellar, the lecturer and his
servant coming along with them and locking the

With as little delay as possible the black sub-
ject cut open the sack ; and, with his knife in his
hand, anxiously waited the return of the lecturer.
He did not wait long, for, in a few minutes the
doctor came back to look at his purchase, when
suddenly the dead man rushed upon him, which
so much alarmed him, that he forthwith ran up
the stairs, followad by the black subject, who, upon
gaining the street door, lost no time in joining his
messmates. A jovial bumper to the health of the
Doctor and his subject concluded the sprse; and
the whole crew, " gloriously fu', returned to their.
Vessel, which sailed next morning.....Man!rose Re-
view."                         (PRICE ONE PENNY.)

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Possible date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'A New Way of Raising the Wind!'
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