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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Highlander's Adventures in Glasgow Fair'


The Highlander's Adventures in
Glasgow Fair.

Her nainsel cam to the Lowland town to see the fair and thrang. man,
Before she walk' a the city round, she got mony a squeeze and bang, man,
But abe'll awa down by the auld brig, near to the Broomi law, man,
The lads kick'd up the funniest rig, the like you never saw man.

Hill till i'tle tattle tay, &c.

Lands and lassies were in crowds, and they're gaun up and down,   ma,n
And sweety-wives had up their stands, the auld br g did surround man
Her nainsel ne'er saw the like before, and she had unco stanug.
For ilka auld wife cried out, ' Come and buy your fairing.'

She tell'd them sae quick and plain, she wad hae nae sic stuff man,
Eor she wad far rather hae a pickle Highland snuff man;
But she'll awa round by the shows, amang the muckle crowd man,
She dirtit a' her tartan hose, the folk be unco proud man.

But her nainsel like to see the fun, fools game upon their head man,
There was Mr Pug upon a drum, he's eating cheese and bread man,
And.O there, was a hungry man, he's eating fire and tow man,
And sure's her ainsel's stanin here, me saw the muckle low man.

And did think unto hersel she saw a funny trick man,
And just as he gaed up the stair, the fool li ted up her kilt man ;
I took up my muckle stick for to gie him a crack man,
And if he hadna run quick, be got me broke his back man,

She gied her twopence, and in did gang, to see the funny trick man,
There was & man in the inside, he said he kenn'd auld Nick man,
He put a half-crown in my hand, and bid me haud is steeve man,
But whene er he says, be sure and shut your nieve men.

This wicked man did awfu' tricks, wi' a wee bit bell man,
She wadna believe the hale town, it's just the diel himsel man,
She he findin' for her sneeshin mull, she miss'd her muckle purse man,
She cam back to this wicked man, and she did rage and curse man.

She took out her dirk, and she swore by that knife man,
Gin he diona gie my muckle purse?Got I wad took his life man ;
This wicked man did c rse and damn, ca' her naiusel a rogue man,
She knock'd him down wi' her muckle stick, and kick'd him wi' her
brogue man.

And he cried out aloud for some polishman man,
And when she gaed o rin awa, faith she could nae win man,
They took from me my muckle stick., and haul'd her through the town
And into a filthy nasty hole, they did her nainsel cram man.

And there being an awfu' croud, and in her they did bang man,
But she being an angry man   she didna gie a damn man.
And when she cam the next day, before   he pouth r'd wig man,
He says into her what made you strike upon the head man;

He took frae me my muckle purse, and says the diel ma care man
If half-crown be a' the fine, she come back nae mair to the fair man.

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Highlander's Adventures in Glasgow Fair'
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