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Broadside entitled 'Important Strike of the Maid Servants of Edinburgh'


Important Strike


Maid servants of Edinburgh

We understand that it is contemplated by
" The Maid-Servant Union Society" of this
city, to make a 'strike' at the ensuing term,
with a view of obtaining higher wages; and
really after perusing the resolutions of that
"respectable feminine institution, as unani-
mously agreed to at a general meeting held
yesterday evening, Mrs Slops in the chair,
we hesitate not to confess that they have
strong grounds for standing out. They are
as follows:?

1 ?As labour if voluntary, wages should
be liberal.

2?As maids are generally delicate, both
in regard to constitution and feelings, lenity,
sympathy, and kindly feelings onght to be
exercised towards them.

3.?That, of late years, the perquisites
which custom and long usage had converted
into " vestry rights," have been decreasing,
and, in many cases, withdrawn.

4?That Sundays being days of rest, these
days are to be entirely at the disposal of the
maid-servants,?and no questions asked.

5.?That mistress's old clothes have ever
been, and must continue to be the property
of maid-servants : and that when a gown or
any other piece of dress has been worn a
sufficient time, it must be considered as
old clothes.

6.?That in case of any difference of opin-
ion between the mistress and the maid about
the condemnation of the dress, the servant's
of the house, and those of the two adjoining
houses, to be appointed judges.

7.?The hare and rabbit skins, kitchenfee
fat, and dripping, shall continue to be con
sidered the property of the cook; and no
skinned hare or rabbit to enter the house.

8.?That no young women under sixteen
shall be allowed to take service, and that no
wages shall be under L 2, 10s. the half-year,
and I..1, 1s for tea-money; those taking
less to be considered knob stick, and treated

9.?That after the 14th of May, the wages
should and must be advanced 25 per cent;
that is, those who engaged at L.4 must now
insist on L.5, and all others proportionally.
Tea-money to remain as at present; but
should any change be deemed necessary, by
a rise in the price of that commodity, owing
to the existing quarrel with the Chinese, due
notice of it will be given.

10.?That, in the event of mistresses re-
fusing to comply with this small advance,
the maids are to strike work, and refuse to
serve those who will not go into these re-

11.?That each maid-servant shall be sup-
plied by the Union with a copy of the above
Resolutions, to be hung up in the kitchen
Along with the Police Regulations, so that
All concerned may see them.

Sanderson, Printer, Edinburgh.

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Probable date published: 1840   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'Important Strike of the Maid Servants of Edinburgh'
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