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Broadside entitled 'Grand Cavalcade'


Grand Cavalcad'e

OF THE      





Calton Convening Halt,


On THURSDAY, the 25th October 1821.   

AT a very Numerous and highly Respectable Meeting of the
Sons of Crispin held last Night (Oct. 24th), the Prince of Cord-
wainers in the Chair, it was resolved, una voce, that as our Civic
Rulers had thought proper, from some cankered or ill-humoured
motive, to prevent their intended procession, they were determin-
ed to form a Cavalcade in open Coaches, which took place accord-
ingly this day (25tli), at 4 o'clock.                                    


The KING, in an open Baroche, accompanied by his Two Pages.
His Majesty appeared in good health and spirils.
The State Coach was drawn by Four Beautiful Arabians, and the
Coachman and Grooms, in Splendid Liveries, had their -
top-pieces surmounted by large three-deckers,
embellished with huge Cockades.

The Costume which the Sovereign wore, was truly becoming the
dignity of his exalted character.?His Pages were beautiful
Young Lads, adorned in the first style of Elegance. The Cham-
pion, brave and daring, whose very glance struck the Beholders
with profound awe. A number of Coaches, with Prime Ministers,
Ambassadors, and Officers of State. The Black Prince, with his
Supporters, followed by a long train of Coachcs, containing, no
doubt, Lord Mayors, Lord Provosts, Magistrates, Sheriffs, Com-
mon Council Men, &c. &c.?'.

We cannot withhold our sympathy from these respectable and
highly distinguished sons of Wax We certainly were greatly dis-
appointed in our ardent anticipations of the superb spectacle which
-we expected to witness this day on the streets of our ancient, free,
and independent city. This is', however, in some sort compensat-
ed by the Resolutions of last night; for though far inferior to
what was expected, the Procession was this day far from being
contemptible, and really exceeded our most sangume expectations.

When we contemplate the unusual pains and labour which the
wives and sweethearts of the Last and Instep-leather must have
endured in order to equip their Saint Monday lovers for the occa-
? sion, it is truly deplorable. It would not be at all surprising to
hear of some of them going to inhabit the cells near the Meadow
Walk, notwithstanding the use of frequent applications of that
never-failing specific, the Kippen restorative, or Barley Broth.

Mrs Insole, Mrs Outsole, Mrs Welt, Mrs Ran, Mrs Upperleather,
Mrs Lift, Mrs Top-piece, Mrs. Stirrup, Mrs Lasting-lack, Mrs
Paste, Mrs Hemp,' Mrs Wax Mrs Hairs, Mrs Heelball, with seye-
ral other ladies of distinction, have agreed to spend an evening
together, and form themselves into a Select Committee, for the
purpose, as far as in them lies. of redressing their own and their
husbands grievances. Many of these Ladies were actually em-
ployed all night on the 24th, endeavouring to restore their dear
husbands only shirt to its primitive Colour, soap, ashes, soda, boil-
ing, washing,- rincing, in short every means which their fertile ima-
gination could devise, were employed for this laudable purpose.

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Probable date published: 1821   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'Grand Cavalcade'
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