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Broadside entitled 'King Crispin'


King Crispin.

The ancient and modern history of King
Crispin, with a particular account of
the plan and order of the grand pro-
cession, time of meeting, &c.

Bannatyne's Key to the Al-
manack gives the following ac-
count of Sts Crispin and Cris-
pianus ."Saints Crispin and
Crispianus, brothers who tra.
veHed from Rome to Gaul to
preach, towards the end of the
third century ; and at their re-
sidence at Soissons, instructed
many in the Faith of Christ.
working in the night for their
support at their trade of shoe-
making. This they continued
several years, till an accusation
was lodged against them to the
Emperor Maximilan Herculeus,
who ordered them before Vas-
us, governor of that part of
Gaul, an inhuman judge, by
whose direction they suffered
the most cruel tortures, and fi-
nished their course by the
sword Hence Crispian was
sclected as the tutelar saint of
cordwainers, or coblers as they
were anciently termed:

A more modern legendery
Biography of these two person
ages is constituted among the
craft, the leading story of which
is as follows :?"The king of
Kent being engaged in was with
some of the neigbouring Kings,
was overthrown in the field of
battle, himself killed, and his
army entirely routed. The
Queen, for the safety pf the
two young princes, her sons,
Crispin and Crispianus, disguis-
ed them as peasants, for the
victor was making strict search
after them. "They travelled a-
bout for some time, till at last
meeting with a shoemaker in or
about London, to whom,by
his frankness and civility to-
ward them, they told their
story, he took pity on then and
invited to his house, and, the
better to conceal them, put
them to the stool, and behaved
to them in the most friendly
manner. It apppears that this
Shoemaker wrought to the
court, for Crispin had occasion
to be often in the presence of
the royal family. The King's
daughter, by his noble mein and
appearance, fell in love with
him, and they were privately
married by a blind priest. Be-
coming pregnant, it was agreed
that she would leave the palace.
Cripinanus, in order to further

her escape, set fire to one of
the signals near the cost This
was mistaken for the landing of
a foreign enemy, and the whole
place was put in confusion at
this time Crispin liberated the
princess, and conducted her to
the Shoemaker's house. A
levy was then making to aug-
ment the army, and crispianus
was drawn, who sigialized him-
self so much by his martial
deeds that he was made knight,
and the king offered him any
thing he could wish, even to
the half of his kingdom,. and
the only favour he begged was
the pardon of his brother, which
the king, oh hearing their story,
granted. in a short time Cris-
pin ascended the throne, and
after doing all the good in his
power to his subject, retired
from an active to a pious life,
on which account he was saint
ed and the shoemakers,through
gratitude for the privileges con-
ferred on them, made him their
tutelar saint."

0rder of Procession,

Three Heralds.
Three Broads Sword men.
Six Spear Men-three and three
Champion Banner.      
Champion 'Shield and Spear.
Sword of State.
Secretary of state,in his Robes
Six Gentleman Ushers.       :
Three Macers.
King, and Two supporters,
Nine Pages.
Nine Knights- three and three
Two Marshal Men.
Lord Mayor, and Two Aldermen.
Four Knight?two and two
Band of Music
P[ ]ces, and Two Supoorters.
Half of main Body.
Half of Main Body.
Three Trumpeters       .
Indian   Prince, and   Two   Supporters,
Page, Riding.
Marshal, and two knights
Two Ushers Black and Red Rod
Sir Hugh, and Two supporters
Treasurer, and Two Supporters
Three Broad Sword Men

The Craft are to meet in the
Abbey, at 10 o'clock on Wed-
nesday Morning.

Printed for, and sold by R. MARTIN..,.Price one penny.

Glass, printer, south Niddry Street.

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Probable date published: 1830-1850   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'King Crispin'
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