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Broadside entitled 'The Coblers' Tears!'




On the much Lamented Death of JOCK HIEGH, who departed to   
Other Climes, October 20th,   1816, after being Thirty-six Years
Hangman of Edinburgh.

YE doggerel bards, quick tune your harps,
First bind them round with weeds of woe,
And sing the dirge of Johnny Hiegh,
Who's gone to ??, some hours ago.

His worth none knew, save death himself,
For all he sent to shades below :
Who e'er tame back from that dark den ?
Where he has gone some hours ago.

If he's enter'd Cluty's dark domain,
His duty there, none here can know,
But we may guess, from deeds while here,
He's near his Grace, some hours ago.

O ! Mourn, ye Coblers near the Cross,
Who drank with him in cellars low,
He's gone where Sutors ne'er get dry,
Some dark, dark dismal hours ago.

O! Weep, ye dames of Cowgate streams,
Who watch'd him when his cash would
Ye ne'er will get his match again,
Who's with---------?, some hours ago.

O! Who will fill his high, high place;
There's one, who never was his foe,
A Vulcan bred, his name--------? ~-------?,
A cronie dear, some hours ago.

Jock taught him how to form the loop,
For one sweet gill?was this not so ?
Hiegh, who may be hangman in yon hall,
Where N?k sits judge some years ago.

While Reekie stands, the pride of towns,
While her brave sons can thresh the foe,
May hangman's name die with the w?----,
Who left our town some hours ago.


Beneath this sod, lies d??, by ??,
A wretch's foul remains ;
Who lived a rogue, and died a h--g,   
Better has hung in chains.

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Date of publication: 1816   shelfmark: L.C.1268
Broadside entitled 'The Coblers' Tears!'
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