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Broadside entitled 'An Epithalamium on the Jovial Nuptials of Capt. James Donaldson Gazetteer and Observator'


On the Juvial


With the Meritorious Lady Mrs. JEAN REID, alias Mrs. S C O T.

IN Compensation of your Vademecum,
It seems now to be alias tecum,
Than when you call'd us Shamout Whores
of going masked out of Doors
In saying we're more excellent,
Than those you strive most to content,
One sure has put you out of Pine,
Since you pretend to be Divine,
By fetching of a long Narration,
Or your Pamphlet from the Creation:
Until this time that State Affairs
Helps you a good hitch up the Stairs,
Else surely you had made no stop
Before this time to catch a Rop,
Had you not got some of Eves seed,
To make you comfortably Feed.
For which you own her the best thing,
Gives Satisfaction, when wanting,
Philosophy and Mathematick;
Has made you somewhat hipostatick.
Since your Fair Lady Mistris Scot,
Does condescend unto a Sott ;
For bowing down so low's her feet,
With demonstrations most unmeet.
Owning her the principal cause
Or your Liberties and Laws.

Reckning't your chiefest happiness,
And means of Temporal Blessedness.
To be charm'd,with her imbraces,
And admit within her Laces.
Whose Sex, or intrinsick worth,
Deserves esteem, because your Birth,
Of her you hold, why she'l support,
Him others scorn'd with to resort.
Without her you cann't live alone,
She's your pearl and precious stone.
Whom if you want your Miserie,
Would be recorded in History,
Thoseyoucall'd weak,you'lchancefindstrong
When your compell'd to sing that song.
That by experience you saw,
The weakness of your Humane aw.
And your consumed by Woman,
Although you seem a haughty Man ;
Who would reap that you ne're did sow,
You may drive Cart, or herd a Cow.
And with a Slut take as much pleasure,
As those have Ladies and great Treasure.
For with a Clown a Country Lass,
Into the Dark may as well pass,
As the fynest Ladie can;
With Noble or with Gentleman.

Composed by a Lady of Honour.

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Probable date published: 1701-   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(083)
Broadside entitled 'An Epithalamium on the Jovial Nuptials of Capt. James Donaldson Gazetteer and Observator'
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