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Broadside ballad entitled 'Valiant Jockie, or The Maiden Warriour'


Valiant Jockie,
The Maiden Warriour,

Being a Valient Ladies Resolution to fight in Field; by the side of Jockey her Entire Love;
With his answer to it

To an excellent New Tune.

VAliant Jockey's march'd away,
To fight the foe, with great Makcay;
Leaving me poor Soul, Alas! forlorn,
To curse the hour I e'er was born:
But I swear I'le follow too,
And dearest Jockey's sate pursue,
Near him be to guard his precious Life,
Never cot had sik a loyal wife :
Sword I,le wear I'le cut my hair ,
Tann my cheeks that once were thought so fair,
In Souldiers weed to him I'le speed
Never sik a Trooper crost the Tweed
Trumpet sound a Victory,
I'le kill my self the next Dundee.
Loves raging fate doth all agree,
To do some Glorious act by me :
Great Bellona take my part,
Fame and Honour guard my heart,
That for brave Old Scotland s good ,
Some brave action may deserve my bloud :
Nought shall appear of Famale fear,
Fighting by his side I love so dear;
All the world shall own, that ne're was known
Sik a pretty lass this thousand year,
Now in Noble Armour bright
I with Couragious heart will fight,
Fear of death shall ne're my courage stain,
King William's Rights I will maintain :
For the Glory of our Sex,
We all the Ribles will perplex;
And let them find that Women kind,
Sometimes wenture with a Warlick mind:
Age of old, our same has told,
Therefore I will never be controal'd;
By friend or foe, I'le freely go,
Never was a Trooper armed so.
I'le a Helmet then put on,
Armed like a valint Warlick man,
Plates of Steel stall guard my back and Breast,
Carrabines and Pistols I'le protest,
In my hand I'le cock and prime,
Now and for ever is the time :
While I thus am mounted Cap a pee,
Warlik thunder shall my Musick be,
Let smoak arrise and dim the Skies

While we do pursue the Warlike prize ,
Lawrels shall Crown with true renown,
The victory in City, Court and Town.
Mars the God of War shall lead,
The Army that will fight and bleed,
E're our Foes shall hope to win the day,
There fore let us march with-speed away;
Hark! I hear the Trumpets sound,
We shall all be with Conquest crown'd;
Let the Rebels brag and boast,             ( hoast
Death in Nriumph shall ride through the
Glory and fame shall then proclaim,
The actions of a valiant war like Dame;
If foes draw nigh, I'le scorn to flee,
With my dearest Love I'le live and die.

JOCKEY's Answer.

HAst thou such a valiant heart;
To fight and take the Nations part;
By the side of Jockey thy deliyht,
For to put the Enemy to the flight?
I thy courage must commend,
Yet like a true entire friend,
I would have thee stay at home, said he,
For the wartare most unfit for thee,
Moggi you arc yourhfull and fair,
Therefore can thy tender nature bear
The skrichs and cries which fills the skies,
As the Enemy we do surprize ?
Love, said he, the loud Alarms
In midst of night to Arms to Arms,
Will it not affrighten thee my dear,
Should you such suden Alarum hear,
And before the break of day,
Many a valiant Souldier may,
Ly in streams of reeking purple gore
Therefore Moggie whom I do adore,
Should'st thou be slain and I remain;
It would fill my heart with mickle pain,
She did reply, happy am I
If I in the Bed of Honour die.

F I N I S .

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Probable date published: 1700   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(082)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Valiant Jockie, or The Maiden Warriour'
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