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Broadside eulogy dedicated to Patrick, Earl of Marchmount, Sir Hugh Dalrymple, and others


To the most Noble, most [Illustrious, most Honourable, and most Renouned,

PATRICK, Earl of Marchmount,

Lord High Chancellar of the Kingdom of SCOTLAND,

Sir HUGH DALRYMPLE of North-Bermick, Lord President,

And to the Remanent Lords, Ordinary and Extraordinary,

Senators of the Colledge justice :

The ADDRESS of Mr. Robert Monteith, sometime Minister at Caringtoun.

CRETIANS and GRECIANS deemed were, to be
Liars, of old, by antient Poesie;
But Greek Pbocylides speaks lofty Truth,
With Precepts grave, instucting florid Youth.
Such Precepts ! Better Cannot be desired,
Unless from highest Oracles inspir'd;
Yea, I am not afrayed here to tell,
His Precepts, of the /ill/, much smell:
Thus, tho' among the Miner Poets, He
Deserveth well the Greatest named to be.
This Noble Poem early made me seek,
And summond, all Witts, unto the Greek.;
To analyse the same: That so I might,
To Philo-Greeks, yeild Profite and Delight,
The Analysis so full ! no word doth lye,
In all the Poem, which I not descry.
And, in good order, have them all so laid.
That he who runs may soon the Index read,
Which, by the Number, doth the Reader guide,
To that same Number, that same word beside:
In Poem and Analysis.   So He
Soon may perceive, how well these all agree.

And, to the World, that these may be more sweet,
I, in the Entry, All Your Lordships Greet,
Most Venerable Patrons,: whose aspect
Me, and my Work, from Envy can Protect.
Accept the Dedication ; Work peruse :
Kind Clerk Mackenzie's Hand will them diffuse.
The Poem, and Analysis, in one,
Will be a pretty Peice, to learn upon.
And now, when I the Version interlined,
Thereby the Reader will great pleasure find.
The schollar there shall readily obtain
His lesson Analysed, without pain:
Or, if more studious, he shall there descry,
To answer all his Master's Enquiry.

At Home, these cannot printed be: Hence I,
For London, them to print, will cheerful hie ;
Despising all the Journey's toill : So you
Shall, unto me, your Lordships Favour shew.
However, I remain, with Zeal most servent,
My Lords,, your Lordships very humble Servant;


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Probable date published: 1705   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(081)
Broadside eulogy dedicated to Patrick, Earl of Marchmount, Sir Hugh Dalrymple, and others
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