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Broadside entitled 'A New-Years-Gift'


A New-Years-Gift:

From the Hand of a Stragger who (upon the 28th, of November)
was a Sufferer by the Fire which happened in the Canongate.


MAY this Years Influence, the Nation Bless,
With Native Product, and with Good Success;
Begin with Peace, and end in Happiness.
Good as the Best, and Better than the Last,
Better than that,   in which for Touch, and Taste,
The first made Two,   was out of Eden cast.

A Year, that may Entitle all to Reft,               
With hopes uncommon. Comfort   the Distrest ;
(Tho great)   the shortest Sorrows, are the best.
A Year, that may prove faithful to the Crown,
Oblige the Sword,   the Mitre and the Gown,
With one consent to pull Injustice down.

But leaving this, my   Thoughts a while shall stray,
Tend'ring to Truth, the Duty of the Day,
And turn my Tide of   Ink another way.

In praise of Truth, an honest Muse may Pride,

Which makes me hope, since mine makes Truth her Guide,

These   following   Wishes, may   be Verified.

Therefore do Wish,   but Wish without Dispair,

If With well meant, could lessen humane Care ;

The purport of this Wish, may be your Share.

May   Fortune gracious be, not vent her Spight,
On   such as you, that   do to all Men Right;
But on your Foes, may all her Malice light.

For Foes there arc, tho Goodness cannot see,
Where in the Grass they   lye,   and lurking   be;
But Christ himself had some! And why not we,

May all good   Things below,   become your Due,

More than the Sun doth, in   a   Twelve-Month view ;

And make an Union between your GOD, and You.

May Head, and   Heart, and all your Thoughts be bent,

More on the Joys of Heaven, than Self-Content;

And may his Grace,   be the Equivalent.

All which I Wish, may firmly with you stay,

And Years to come, be all Serene and Gay,

While there's a Sun, a Moon, a Year, a Day.

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Probable date published: 1715-   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(078)
Broadside entitled 'A New-Years-Gift'
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