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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Old World; or, It is Far from the World that I Have Seen'


THE      OLD       WORLD

It is far from the World that I have seen.
To be Sung is its own Proper new Tune.

WHen Vesper us   with Vitage gray,
   Had dark ed all our Hemispher,
And Pa ?bus fled out of the way,
Ablcuting all his beams so clear,
I heard a Man of Seventie Year,
With Sobs sore fighting from the splene,

Saving as [ ]fter you shall hear,

Where is the world that I have seen.

The World of Lawtie, Love and Truth,
Of Manhood, Might and Nobleness,
T he World of Pittie and of Rueth.
The World of Perfect stedfastness ?
All were enclin'd to Soothfastness,
For then Deceit could no Man mean,
There was good Chear and Merriness,
Into the World that I have seen.

Then Dearth durst no ways show his face,
John Common wealth was well main tain'd
And Hospitalls in everie place,
For sillie ones were then ordain'd,
All Deadlie seeds were well preveen'd,
By prudent Men which went between,
Then were but few for Gold that groan'd
Into the World that I have seen..

The Golden world that might be call'd
When wealth and welfare led the Dance;
Then Marriage was not Bought nor Sold,
Great Usurers made none alliance,
If she was of Good Governance,
For Gold they carried not a Prine.
Now Money makes Good Ordinance,
For by the World that I have seen.

Now Malice,Murther.Dearth & cumber
Over spreads our Country East and West,
Guiltless Slaughter out of number,
Judgement and Justice are supprests:
The poor man da lie is opprest.
And sport and play is counted Keen.
A true man wors not where to left,
Alace the World that I have seen.

Then Manhood went by Force and Might
Who reaved was revng'd no wrongs
None fought by Treason nor by Slight;
To lye in wait his Foe to fang,
Their Shearing Swords were not so long;
And yet their Courage was Right Keen,
Their hardie Hearts were Stout & strong
Into the World that I have seen.

The ground was fertile with great encrase
And Cartel kindlie,brought forth Store;
Now wealth forsooth doth fast Decrease,
Pride, Povety, and Foul vain Glorie:
And Riches lurk in Hole and Bore,
Seditions day lie growing green,
Affaults the Realm ay more and more,
Far by the World that I have seen.

The Men had whole Preheminence,
And Women were Obedient,
The Commons knew no indigence,
Nobles then Raised nor their Rent,
The Ground was Rich,the Heir content
Great Hoords of Mony then have been,
Now all that wealth away is went,
And wheres the world that I have seen?.

The Temporal State stood well content,
None longed for an Abacie.
None sought to reave the Kirk her Rent
That was Christs Garment thought to be
The Judge left partialitie,
And Lawyers sought no wrongous gain,
The Session Banisht Briberie,
into, the World that I have seen .

Then Credit craved no Hand Writ,
Forheight held out thro' he should pine,
Put mise sough not for to be free,
And Honour would no wnyes   decline:
Faith and Friendship kept them full fine,

And Honestie held Conscience clean,
Kins-man strove nor for Mine and thine,

Ob where's the world that I have seen .

Now worse &worse the world grows ay
No Betterment appears to be,

The nearer hand the Latter day ,
The more mischief doth multiplie;
O thou that reing'st in Persons   Three,
Whose Power doth all things contain,
Grant us to rest in Peace with THEE
From this worst world that e're was seen.

A   M   E   N

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Probable date published: 1701-   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(053)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Old World; or, It is Far from the World that I Have Seen'
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