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Broadside entitled 'A Congratulation'



For His Sacred Majesty,CHARLES, the third
Monarch of Great Britain, His happy Arrival

By a Loyal Member of His Majesties Army.
Edinburgh, June 13. 1660.

BE gone dark shadows of a gloomy night :
Pack hence you furious Bugbears which affright
Weak humane fancies; banish sullen fears,
State-Tempests now are still, fair Calms appears:
Heav'ns are serene, Faces and Hearts rejoyce;
Weigh Anchor Marriners, your Sails up-hoise,
And steer your Royal Vessel to that Port,
Where Loyal Hearts in Myriads shall resort;
Where every Knee shall bow, each Tongue shall cry
Blessed Encomiums to His MAJESTY.
BREDAH adieu, our DOVER longs to see
That Face, where's mounted Soveraign Majestie;
That Heart where Love enthroned sits and lives,
And greatest Injuries forgets, forgives ;
That Magazine of Humane Policy,
Patterne of Patience, Prudence, Piety:
Once the Contempt, but now the Worlds great Wonder ;
A King of Peace, and yet a King of Thunder:
A Son of Suffering, but now Triumphing,
By Patience learn't the Art of Overcoming:
O're rigid Frowns, and feigned Smiles from those,
Pretended Frienship,   prov'd His greatest Foes.
But stay ! me-thinks I see our E N G L A N D S   SUN,
Great BRITAINS Glory, in's Meridian,
Within the Royal Palace of WHITE HALL,
Conducted by our Noble GENERAL;
Whose Valour,   Prudence,   and   Fidelitie,
Deserves that GEORGE of ENGLAND styl'd he be:
Who Prince, and People, Liberties and Laws
Hath now restor'd from the Usurping Paws
Of false Pretenders. Who shall write his Story ?
Puts Kings and Kingdoms in their Native Glory.
Long live King CHARLES the Great, the Good, the Just,
Blest   in   His Subjects,   happy   in   His Trust :
Long may His Princely Scepter bear Command,
Over our Kingdoms both by Sea and Land.
Thrice welcome our Dread Soveraign, King of Hearts,
This is the Common Suffrage from all Parts :
Both High and Low, both Rich and Poor, they sing
Rejoycing Eccho's for their Sacred King.
Possess and Rule, inherite what's Your own,
You'r BRITAINS Glory, and Your Subjects Crown ;
Which done, Posterities to come shall tell,
King CHARLES the Second's without Parallel.


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Date of publication: 1660   shelfmark: S.302.b.2(024)
Broadside entitled 'A Congratulation'
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