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Broadside entitled 'The Apparition'


The Apparition.

AT Mid-night Hours, when Nature seems to nod,         
And Sleep triumphs upon the Works of God,               
Tormented Souls awake, and Spirits fly abroad,         
Appear'd, with smiling Face, a Female's Ghost,
By Falshood to Elisium Shades was tost,         
And thus harangu'd a Monster of a Man,
While Horror shook his Limbs and thro' his Pulses ran,
My Sins forgiven, now Glory swells my Breast,                     
I answer'd for your Bill, and Jesus for the rest.                           
My Joy begins, and your eternal Wo,                                    
for I'm absolv'd above, as you below,
Where Truth and Justice reign; without a Flaw,               
No Falshood there, nor sneaking Tricks of Law,                     
In Doomsday's Books your Name hath got a Mark,'            
And every Angel was a Divine Clerk.
Receive this Rope resign'd me from the Tree,                           
And mourn and melt when you remember me.

Edinburgh, Printed by James Ross:

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Probable date published: 1727   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.10(111)
Broadside entitled 'The Apparition'
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