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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Hanoverian, and Whigs Rant'


The Hanoverian, and Whigs Rant,

To the Praise of His Britainick Majesty

To the Tune of, Sit thee down my Philis.


LEt Royal GEORGE come over,
We'll have none but Hanover,
With Heart in Hand and Royal Band,
We'll welcome Him all over,
Of Royal Birth and Breeding,
And every Grace Exceeding,
Our Hearts will mourn till He Return,
Oar Laws they lay a Bleeding.


Let each Man is his Station.
Fight bravely for his Nation,
And may our King long Live and Reign
In spite of French Invasion,
For he only can Relieve us,
Of all that ever Grieve us,
Our Church is Rent our Treasure Spent
He only can Relieve us.


The French is Disappointed,
Their Popisb Plots Disjoynted,
The S'un Displays his Glorious Rays
To Crown the Lords Anointed,
Since N'assau bravely freed us,
And Cambridge now Head us,
This General's Cry is Liberty,
And Marborough shall Lead us.


The Dutch and Loyal Whig Sir,
are firmly joined in League Sir,
Tho' France and Rome pronounce our
We Value not one Fig Sir.    Doom

Brave Marlborough's a Commander,
As Bold as Alexander,
Tho' Macks and Tags do join in League,
It's but a Rope of Sand Sir.


Tho' Irish Cut-Throats Evil,
And Frenches that do Snivil,
We'll make the Dogs run to the Boges,
And drive them to the Devil,
We have pot yet forgot Sir,
How the British bravely Fought Sir,
The Scots and English flood like Men,
Sent French and Tag to Pot Sir.


At Hastage there they ran Sir.
At Mons they were undone Sir,
We sank their Towns in Blood & wounds
With Mortars and with Guns Sir,
Tho' the Pretender should come over,
From Dunkirk unto Dover
We'll all Combin with Loyal mind,
And Join to Prince Hanover.   


Let Conquering Bouls go round Sir,
Liberty abound Sir,
Let Cub who came with Warmingpan
Ne're wear the British Crown Sir.
Here's a Health unto our King Sir,
King GEORGE it's I do mean Sir,
To she Noble Duke of Marlborough,
And unto Prince Eugence, Sir.

F I    N   I    S.

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Probable date published: 1714   shelfmark: RB.I.106(105)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Hanoverian, and Whigs Rant'
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