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Broadside ballad entitled 'A Pil to Tonny Ashton or the Play-house Puld down'


A Pil to Tonny Ashton

or the
Play-house Puld down

O MY Blood boiles, my Spirit's all in fire ;
Passion's in pomp, nor can the Flames flly
To sie my dear Native Countrey gone,
And English dreg lay on the fun'ral stone,
The Dayes hath been, o may they yet Return!
And Heav'n raise burry'd Scotland, from her Urn
When such vile vermine, puny Rogues as yow
Did to a Scot, with lowly Rev'rance bow;
But now, ah me? we live in fatal Dayes,
Oppress'd   with Taxes, Tonny, and his Playes,
The very Scum, and Scandel Of the Isle,
Hector   our Men, and our fair sex beguile:
Ann must our Nation, still be treated thus,
What's Commedy to yow, proves Tragedy to us;
What can   our peerage, and our Gentray say;
To see this Fine Epilogue of a Play.
Tell me ye Stroler ? black   with every Crime,
Varlet below the dignity of rhime,
How many D--------ls. put yow on the plot ?
Yeur Soul with anguish burn, your Carcass rot.
Where ever Ladies, at their tea   Converss,
They'l hate thy name,   base Actor of the Farce,
Thy wretcheed name, but ah that Word's too Mild,
shall be a Bogle to the crying Child,
There's Tony the Child Stealer, cries the Nurse,
The Child will Tremble, and the Maids will Curse,
Child Stealing Rogue, who Drains as of our Money.
Wee'l Change that Word, a Cheat, unto these Words at Tony.

O had our Country,   never seen thy Face!                     
Champion of Vice, and Strangers unto Grace,                  
You've brought Play-house and Prison to Disgrace.        

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Probable date published: 1728   shelfmark: RB.I.106(101)
Broadside ballad entitled 'A Pil to Tonny Ashton or the Play-house Puld down'
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