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Broadside entitled 'A Description of a Kirk Treasurer. Or an Elegie on John Couper'


Discription of a Kirk

Or an Elegic on John Couper.

CURST Judas did this office first begin.
He, bore the Bag, and kept what was therein,
To his own life he some part did apply
To feed his Lusts, and made a great outcry,
Of needless Waste, and ill deserved Cost,
Bestow'd on Christ, he did account in lost,
Why was this precious Ointment lost said he?
And was not sold, and Money given to me,
Who piotly would Distribut in sure,
As need Requir'd among the Starving Peat.
Unto this Office Judas had a Call,
By Eccles 'astick Orders tho for all
His Sacret function, he Committed This.
And taught's Successous how to make a Shift,
To garber Pelt and Charity pretend,
Yer with it he did make a dreaful End,
But whence is it that Lay-Men Trused be,
With Sacred Treasure, Stores of Charity,
The Priests and Lewits Ancciently were those,
Who kept this Store and of old Dispose,
To Pious uses and Religiously
The Appostl s did appoint the charity,
And Offering for the poor to be Dispens'd,
By Deacons Eccle 'stickly Lieserfied,
Whence is it then that Lay-men low they trust
With Sacred Treasures [illegible] to that just
Order Divine once instituted by
The Apostl's who could neither Err not Ly,
This mungral post 'twixt Lay and Clergy hirgs,
Amphibicous frogs and Catterpilers brings,
The free will Offerings and price of a Whoore
Into the Churches Store to give the Poor,
The Sacred Treasure and she privet Fines,
The Secret Bribes for penetential Sins,
Bull Money, Buttock Mail and Hackney Hire,
And what they can by any means aquire,
All Hotch Potch Jumbled in the Churches pure,
They afterward Religiously Deburse,
First to the private Pocket, next to that,
The Hackney Ladys must reeds have some what;
For fair Discov'ries of foul facts and when,
These are Rewarded Needy Poet may then,
Get the Remainder of the sacred state,
The Compt's Adjusted with I have no more
Sins Scandalous which ought to be Reprov'd,
And own'd in publick e're the Stains Remov'd
They privately do barrgan for and hide,
And Dsspensations grant, if they abide
Firm Cuttemers, and duely pay their Fees.
Or Liesence Money they may have an ease.
The Simon Mes\ill\us did attempt in Vain,
To buy the Holy Ghost to get him gain;
They far out do him, for these Men can sell.
Their Liesences to men to post to Hell.

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Probable period of publication: 1700-1720   shelfmark: RB.I.106(099)
Broadside entitled 'A Description of a Kirk Treasurer. Or an Elegie on John Couper'
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