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Broadside ballad concerning a bride and bridegroom


An Excellent New BALLAD

Concerning a Bridegroom and his Bride, who were lately married at Borrowstoun.
ness, giving a full and true Account of their Behaviour, and of the Bridegroom's
running away from the Bride the same Night, without bedding with her.

To the Tune of Sheriff-Moor,   &c.


Now if you'l but stay, I'll tell you the Way,
It's how the Bridegroom ran awa? Man ;
His Name is John   Dinmure, he call'd his Bide
his living is at Ravenshal? Man.    (Limmer
And he ran and she ran,and she ran & he ran
And from the Bride he's run awa? Man


A Wooing he's gone, where Money is none,
but from the Lass he's gane awa?Man;
The Lass she did divell, near to the Syar Well,
indeed she's the best of the twa-- Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


Her Name's Isobel Davie he plaid her the Shavie,
for Greed of the Money he's awa ? Man;
The Lass has tane Sarrow, for want of her Marrow,
because he's quite from her awa? Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


An hundred Pound., the Wooings began
which was the best Bargain of a-- Man ;
The Money he'll have, the Bride does not crave
which makes him for to withdraw- Man.
And he ran, and she ran. &c.


In a fourthnight short, they've made up the Sport,
in Case that he should withdraw- Man:
To Church she is by' d, to hear herself cry'd,
she thought herself surest of a ? Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


But heard you e're such a Sport how the Reader for-
to proclatns them, when it was his fa -- Man', (got
The Bell-man came in the Afternoon,
and cry'd them out before them a --- Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c,


In her Brithel even, he call'd her gly'd Quean,
He would not come to her at a ?Man ;
But to her he sent, to tell his Heart was not bent,
he would not come to her at a - Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


The Day it was set, the People were met,
they were both plenty and bra ? Man;
In the Church she did stand, upon his right Hand,
which was not the Fashion at a? Man.
And he ran, and sheran, &c.


The best Man in Haste, he was but a Beast,
by the right Hand he lcd her awa --- Man ;

And as they came by, the People did cry
you lead not the Bride right at a? Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


The People fell plenty, the Meat it fell empty,
ther's nothing to g ive them at a - Man ;
A Shilling they've tane, for a piked Bane,
which was the best Profit of a-- Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


While the Callops they fry'd, the People they cry'd,
is there nothing to give us at a? Man?
Jean Shaw she cry'd, Oh! Give me a little Broth
my Money is rea y to draw --Man.
And he ran, and she ran,    &c.


Then the Bridegroom took to Flight, and on Shore he
the Soldiers upon him did draw-- Man; (did light
The Women about, they gave a great Shout,
to see the Bridegroom get a sa? Man.
And he ran, and she ran,   &c.


Says Isobel M'nab with her sleeked Gab,
my Dear why did you withdraw ? Man ?
Come here and be kind,and tell me your Mind,
the Sheets and the Blankets are bra? Man,
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


Come here and sit down, let none in theTown,
be talking that yau ran awa-- Man;
for I'm sure on the Morn, it will be a Scorn,
to hear the Bridegroom ran awa? Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c..


Through Dirt, and through Red,they trail'd him to
the Bride was the blithest of a ? Man ;   (Bedt
The Brite was so byth, her Shift she did rive,
and over her Head did it dra-- Man.
And he ran, and she ran, &c.


But the Bride by forlorn until the next   Morn,
he would not consent to it at a ? Man ;
But we'll have't in Record, how he roar'd on the
and how from his Bride ran awa ? Man. (Shore,   
And he ran, and she ran, &c.

The Brideroom at Demand, he gave me his Hand,
he would pay the Music full bra --Man;
Says he, I live the Money I'll give,
to Morrow pay you for a -- Man.
And he ran and the ran, and she ran and he
and from the bride he ran awa- Man. (ran


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Probable date published: 1720-   shelfmark: RB.I.106(095)
Broadside ballad concerning a bride and bridegroom
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