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Broadside entitled 'A Balsom for Backsliders Or Some Hints Anent the Oath of Abjuration'



Or some Hints anent the oath,            

of Abjuration,

A Lthough the News be spread of late
Throughout our Scotish Nation
That we e're long shall be Defeat,
By Papists their Invasion,
Yet Presbyters be not Dismay'd.
But look to Heaven for help and Aid ,
And let it never once be said,
That we shall prove Faint Hearted,
For if we shall our selve acquit,
Themselves shall fall into the Pit,   
Which Papists diggs to catch the Whigs
They shall be made to smart it.
Whigs join in one do not divide,
In Circumstantial Matters,
Or el's mischief shall you beside,
from French and Romish Traitors
Who now are lying at the Catch,
True Presbyterians for to Dispatch,
Your Ruin they contrive and Hatch,
Forsooth ye may Depend on't,
Whoe're Divids and leaves your Guides',
Without true Scripture on your side,
Ye are to blame for all the Name,
Of Whigs and there's anend on't,
Some are Counted Honest Folk,
Among a Foolish People.
Because they're like the Weather Cock,
That sits upon the Steeple,         
Which turns about with every Wynd,
To Novelties they're so inclin'd,
They do not Love to be Consin'd',
To the present Constitution,
Such itching Ears they have indeed,
And so much Lightness in the Head,
Church Union Yoke they still have broke
Since the late Revolution.
And many new Excepyion take
At the Oath of Abjuration,
Yea they do it Occasion make,
And ground of Seperation,
Their Heads are put in such a steer,
That in their Conscience they're not clear,
Their Parish Pastors for to hear',
Till they shall new Repentance,
He passes currant for a Saint,
Although prefoundly ignorant,
That does debate 'gainst Church and State
And Rashly passes Sentence,
How can People at this Rate,
Divided into Factions,                  
Ever be without Debate,
In all of their Transactions,
It's Sin and Shame that ever we
Who all Proses true Presbyterd,

Should we in Judgement broken be,
And Various in Oppinion,
Scare you'll meet a Company.
But still there shall some Difference be,
In this Or that you'l not know what
Relating to Religion,
Thus many on Extreams do Run,
And that both Male and Female
Some who at a Gnat do Strain,
Yet Swallow down a Camel,
Some with thing beyond their Sphere,
Do meddle such great Fools they are,
In others Matters they must share,
Or else they are unease,
Some they do great pleasure take,
In what great Stures and Troubles mak,
To Church and State which breed Debat,
Herein they are not Lazie,                  
Did ye but knew what Hurt and Harm,
Division it procureth ,                                    
Unto the Church they're sore to blame,
That knows and that not curreth,
Occasion thereby Foes do Catch'
Their Plots and Projects for to Hatch,
Where of I fear well get a Swaich,
If we be not Comented,
The Church hath Enemys on each Hand,
Hard by us watchfully do stand,
And do Rejoice to heat the Notice,
Of such as do Foment it :
If ye be wife take my Advice,
Be no more led aside Sirs,                  
By any that are over Nice,
And makes you to Divide Sirs,
But Join together Hand in Hand,
And march in Covenant'd Bond,
The common enemy ,to withstand,
And guard against Division,
A House Divided cannot stand ,
Be thou unite in Heart and Hand ,
Left ye be broke even by the Stroak,
Of such as Love Confusion.               
For this Course of Division ,
Ye cannot Reason Plender ,
Ye Authors   of Confusion ,                  
Ye Friends to the Pretender,
Begone Schismaticks out, of Door,
That Cut but does not Cute out Sores ,
We do protest ye're none of ours,
For all your great Profession,
Within our cares ye shall not stand
And farless Rule and heas Command,
Till ye think shame even of your Name ,
Yea mourn and make Consession.               

F I N I S H.

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Probable date published: 1702-1712   shelfmark: RB.l.106(077)
Broadside entitled 'A Balsom for Backsliders Or Some Hints Anent the Oath of Abjuration'
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