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Broadside detailing a wedding song





The Right Honourable, The Earl
of WEEMS,and Mrs. Jannet Char-
ters now Countess of WEEMS.

WHEN Adam first was placed in Paradice,
His Spouse he mist, tho' other Happiness
Did so abound, over all Creatures he.
No Match he found, himself to satisfy.
Till GOD was pleas'd, him in a Sleep to throw,
Then he was eas'd, when he got Eva.   So
Great WEEMS hath chos'n a Rib out of his Side,
As Adam us'd, so he his Choise has made
Of Ampsfield Choise, the Representative,
To be his Spouse, and his Affection give
To her, who is his Blood-Relation near,                        
Made Choise hath he, to be his only Dear.
Into the House of Queensberry you'll find,
The Ground and Source, how these two are combin'd,
In Blood, But now in Wedlock nearer they,
Before wrere two how turn'd to one I say.
Here Vertue meets for in this Lady fair,
Here Nature states her mortal Body where,
That you may read, a Female most compleat,
Compos'd indeed, of Nature, for, To wit:
In Beauty haw to find such, it is rare.
In Vertue true few with her can compare.
To others she a burning Lamp,
Show Light unto the Faminary Stamp.
Nature compos'd in Beauty, doth unsold,
Through Grace inclos'd ; which all may now behold,
Her Portion's great ; yet not to be compar'd
With Vertue, that Great WEEMS did most regard.
O noble Colonel ! Now behold and see
Thy Seed ingrafted in that ancient Tree :                           
WEEMS, of that Ilk, as plainly doth appear
By Crawsoord's Writ, Is near six hundred Year,
Since they a noble Family became:
Our Piradge Books will testify the same.
Let all rejoice, Since WEEMS hath got a Bride,
May Wedlock Musick be soon heard by their Side.

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Probable period of publication: 1720-1725   shelfmark: RB.l.106(075)
Broadside detailing a wedding song
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