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Broadside entitled 'An Epitaph on Mr Samuel Smith, Minister of Newgate'



O   N

Mr Samuel. Smith, Minister of Newgate.

U NDER this Stone
Lies a reverend Drone,
Who preach't against Sin
With a terrible Grin,

In which some may think, that he acted but Odly
Since he liv'd by the wicked,and not by the Godly.

In Time of great need
In Case he was feed
He'd teach on to Read
Old Potches and Sorrals
As Antient as Pauel is.
But if no Mony come,
You might Haing for old Sam.
And founded in Pasalter
Be tied up in a Helter.
This Priest was well Hung
I mean with his Tongue,
And bold Sons of Vice
Would desern in a Trice,
And draw Tears from a Flint

o're the Devil was in't.
If a Sinner came him nigh
With a Soul black as Chimney
And had but the Sense
To give him the Pence
With a little Church Paint
He'd make him a Saint.
He understood Physack,
And would cure Cough and Colick,
And in short all the Ill's
That you read in the Bills,
With a Soveraign Balm
The World calls a Psalm

This his Newgate Burds once in the space of aNoon

Tho' they liv'd to no Purpose, they dy'd to some

In Death was his Hope,                ( Tune,

For he liv'd by the Rope,
Yet this by the way
In his Praise we we will say
That like a true Friend,
His Flock did attend
Even to the Worlds End,
He never would Start,
From Hedge or from Cart,
Till he first saw them wear,
A Knot under their Ear,
And merrily swing,
In a well twisted String.
But if any died hard,
And left no reward,
As I told you before,
He'd inhance their old Score.
And kill them again,
With his murdering Pen.
Thus he kept Sin in,
And supported the Law,
But O cruel Fate,
So unkind tho'I say't.
Last Week to our Grief,
Grim Death that Old Thief,
Alas! And alack,
Had the boldness to pack,
This old Priest on his Back ;
But where he is gone,                           

Is not certainly known,
But a Men may conclude,
Without being rude,
That Orthodox Sam.
His Flock would not shame.

But to shew himself to them a Pastor most Civil,
As he led, so he followed them all to the Devil


London printed and Edinburgh Reprinted at the Foot of the Horse-weynd.

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Probable date published: 1720-   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(150)
Broadside entitled 'An Epitaph on Mr Samuel Smith, Minister of Newgate'
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