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Broadside entitled 'A New Proclamation Concerning Farthingles, or Old Mr Fashoner Shiting Hopt-piticoats'


A new PROCLAMATION cocerning Farthing-
gles, or old Mr. Fashoner shiting Hopt-piti-

Well Mr Fashoner we cannot but acknewledge your kindness to us the Famale Sex, these Hope Petticoats is a
very fine Invention of yours, they are very Airy and ads to our Shaps.   O what a fine Straper am I with

this Hopt Petticoat.

Mr Fashoner replys these plaged Hopes are so
wide that I can scarce shite them out.

ALL the Inventions that ever was known,

and Fashons that's comes to Edinburgh Town,
these Farding-gale Peticoatc the Devil like's best,
and carrys Precedent above all the rest.

from the Highest to the Lowest Estate,
the very Cock Maid, to the Court Lady great,
ave got a Houp Peticoat to make them look fine,
and adds to their Shapes which is their Design,

this famous invention when Houp's first was made,
the Devil soon Learn'd and set up the Trade,
finding them wanting and so very Scanty,
he fully resolved to shit them out plenty.

Lord Belsebub who, knew well to excell,
    yet to our Town Lady's he's been very Civil,
that he maintains their pride to his great Satisfaction,
and do Dayly Praise this glorious Action.

[ ]w but above and there ye will find,
She owns Mr. Devil to be very kind,
their Houp Peticoats maks them wouderous meerie
which she Straps out with to be Hansome & Airy

Now here she stands being silled with Pride.
and who but her and her Hands in her side,
And with Childish Ambition she opens her Throat,
says how fine a Miss am I with a Houp Peticoat,

And if it be Prais'd how much must the Donor,
who on our fine Lady's Confers such a Honour,

It seems unto them he's a great Benefactor,
promoting their Pride and a diligent Acter,'

But as it is above old Lucifer strening,
he's groaning and girning says there's no abiding,
They'r so Damnable Wide,   
They'l Kill me with Striding.

Thanks to good Fortune his Labours not Vain,
his Benefites great tho greater his Pain,
There's as many that comes from his Bum,
may serve the three Nations and all Chrisendome

The Devil may shit untill his Arss cake,
there is one behind him who all away take,
And yet his Compation forbids him to strain,
for working at leasure will much profit gain,

Nor his he been wanting to follow his Station,
in shiting enough to serve the whole Nation,
Come Ladys and Winches all forts and sizes
the Devil keeps Shop you may hive all Fashons.

Come here ye Squirs and Country Clowns,
and buy your Wifes Peticoats and Hansome Gowns
And here ye may Houp them before and behind,
they are usefuland Colling to gather the Wind,

Now I must tell you if that you prove Civil,
encourage the Trade of Old Mr. Devil,
When more new Fashons ye chance to invented
he'll shit them out plenty and gtve you content

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Probable date published: 1720-   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(138)
Broadside entitled 'A New Proclamation Concerning Farthingles, or Old Mr Fashoner Shiting Hopt-piticoats'
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