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Broadside regarding Helen Hutton


A Letter from Helen Hutton, who
was Execute at Haddington,   on
Friday last, the 25th of February,
written to her Mother a few Days
before her Execution.

Loving Mother,

THis is to let you know that my dear Brother has taken much more
Pains both as to my Soul and Body, than ever I did deserve, and
especially, intreating me to tell all the Truth, for my poor
Soul's Accompt, desiring me always to take Care of what I
say, and to be very busy, and earnest in seeking for Mercy through Jesus Christ
our Redeemer and Saviour, in whom Mercy is only to be found, but not without
great Pains, before my poor Soul can be received, which I ought to be
minding most. As for the asked Truth I have laid it down, in so far as in me
lies, about the whole Action; and as for the horrid Murder I am most innocent,
but indeed I was in the Room with them that committed the Action, and
they threatned me most desperately with a Razor, to go and commit the said
Murder; but indeed I have great Reason to bless and Praise my God of
Heaven, that did take so much Care of me, and kept my Hands free of it
as to my Innocence in the Action, when I was brought in, both by the Cap-
tain's Man and the Osler. The Gold and Silver Plate my Master had, did
intice them, and I not yielding to their Advice, was every Day in Danger of
my Life The Friday's Night before they committed the Murder, they
came and threatned me; and to save my Master and Mistresses Life, I de-
sired them to take mine; but it was not my Fortune to die that Death : So
I desire you dear Mother, that you will grieve as moderately for me as you
can, for Christ's Sake, my merciful Saviour, in whom, and through whose
Merits, I hope to obtain Salvation.

My Brother has taken all Pains about me, in getting Ministers to converse
with me, about my poor Immortal Soul, which is waiting patiently for its
Change, which I trust will be a happy One, I ought to praise my merciful good
GOD, that I am come the Length I am come, to see what a cursed Thing
Sin is, which I am daily helped to ; and wishes all Young and Old may take
Pains upon their Walk before GOD, wishing you my Sorrowful and offended
Mother, the Grace of Patience from the Liberal Hand of GOD, that giveth,
liberally, and upbraideth not. My dear Mother, I hope you will take this my
Dissolution from the Hand of God, who takes us out of the World to him-
self by very different Ways. You have done the Duty of a good
Parent to me, for which I Trust the good GOD, whom I have offended Times
beyond Number, will reward you. Lord grant you heavenly Com-
fort and Eternal Happiness, which is the hearty Wishes of me
your Daughter, who with Patience waits upon my Redeemer, who is
able and willing, to save to the Outermost all that come unto him, seeing
he everliveth to make Intercession for us; and he has given many great and
precious Promises for poor miserable Sinners, such as I am, he giveth Rest to
the weary Soul, he faith, Ho every one that thirsteth, come you to the Waters, and
you that have not Money, buy Wine and Milk, without Money and Price, to whose
Care and Protection I leave you and my dear kind Brother. In thee O Lord
I put my Trust.

I let you know, I die in Peace with all Men, and with these Two poor
Men, who accuse me falsly to the World, as I expect Forgiveness of my mer-
ciful sufficient Saviour Jesus Christ, whose Blood cleanseth all Sins. The
GOD of Peace who raised up Jesus from the Dead, be with you and all


P. S. Excuse a trembling
Heart and Hand.

Edinburgh :   Printed in the Year 1726

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Date of publication: 1726   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(103)
Broadside regarding Helen Hutton
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