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Broadside entitled 'An Elegy'


               A N            

ELEGY    .

Upon the much Lamented. Death of Janet Hill,
Spouse to the Famous Tinclarian. Doctor William
Mitchell, who departed this Life, 13th of Octo-
ber 1716.

THE Defunct has obtain'd a Name,
By virtue of the Doctor's Fame,
Who tho' he be   in Learning lame,

With Pith and Speed,
Prepals his Writings without Shame,

at the Bow-Head.

At Back of Butter-Weigh-House, where
He hammers out his Tinkler- Ware,
And likewife all his Writings rare,

As one may read,
Upon his Sign affixed there,

                      True as his Creed,

An Iron-Scepter and a Crown,
Royal Ensigns for a Clown,
His Master-Piece, to many shown,

To fit the Head,
Of the young Perkin's now run down,      

Without Remeed.

Fit Emblems made to represent,
The Party's Meaning and Intent,
Had they the Church and Kingdom rent,      

And sown the Seed,
Of Perfidy and Discontent,

                            As they did plead.

The honest Woman all the while,
Who at such mad Attempts did smile,

Behav'd her self without, all Guile,

               And shook her Head,

To understand such Workings vile,

                  But now she's dead.

The honest Woman with much Care,
On all Occasions did repair,
To ev'ry Market-Town and Fair,

With Haste and Speed,
And there did sell her Tinkler-Ware,

                  But now she's dead.

In time of Tempest Wind and Rain,                  

She did not spare for Love of Gain,
To travel through with Might and Main,

And Baggage lead,
Unto the Fairs, both blyth and fain,

                               But now she's dead.

Likewise at Home she carefully.
To fell the Ware her self apply,                     

And ev'ry Way industriously,

Without all Greed,
Did gather Money Night and Day,

    But now she's dead.
The Doctor now doth only want,
A Wife who well can busk and rant,
And value not tho' she's no Saint,

                     He can her breed,:

If she is not of Money scant,

    For Janet's dead.

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Probable date published: 1716   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(090)
Broadside entitled 'An Elegy'
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