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Broadside regarding a prodigy seen by John Moor


An Account of a wonderful Prodigy seen in the Air, on Tuesday the 15th Day of this Instant May, 1722, by John Moor, at Crawfords-dyke, near Greenock.

Upon Tuesday?s Night, the 15th Day of May, 1722, about Half an Hour before and after Midnight, when I was in the Guard Bark, the Margaret of Greenock, John Andrew Owner, when my Comrad, John Forshaw Waiter, and two Boatmen, James Lang and Norman Goodlet, were sleeping below, and I upon the Deck, watching the Willing Mind-Brigandine of Port-Glasgow, Andrew Crawford Master, from France, performing Quarentine in Crawfords-dike Road; there appear?d Northerly, as high as the Pole, like a Rainbow, but about thrice as broad, in the Middle of the Heavens, pointing North-east and North-west, and moved in that Form Southerly, till near as far South from me, as it was North in its first Appearance; then divided a little in the Middle, then on; and out of its North-side, pointed out, as it were, great Numbers of Pikes sclent-ways, porting and comporting (as we word it) towards the West, (as we used to exercise our Pikes formerly) and the other Division, a little after, did the like towards the East, but with greater Vigour: And both Parties resembled two Armies fighting and attacking, retiring and advancing alternatively very often; only the Westerly Party seem?d strongest and briskest, and advanc?d furthest, and continu?d longest and regularlyest, till its Disappearance: But the Easterly Party turn?d something like a Moon, or Cypher, before its Disappearance. There were several irregular Lights about them in the Time, rising, fleeing and dissolving. I was much astonish?d to see it, the Whole whereof I am not able distinctly to relate; but I think there is something signified by it.

Out of my Memorandum-Book at Crawfords-dyke, in the Parish of Greenock, and Shire of Renfrew, in North-Britain, the 16th Day of May, 1722 : By me,

John Moor

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Probable date published: 1722   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(080)
Broadside regarding a prodigy seen by John Moor
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