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Broadside entitled 'Elegy'



On the deplorable Death of Margaret Hall, barbarously
murder'd by her Husband Nicol Mushet of Boghall,
Mondays Night the 17 October 1720, in the 17th Year
of her Age.

AL L Hearts be swell'd with Grief, with Tears all Eyes,
Lament with Sighs and penitential Crys
Her Death, who's Loud-tongu'd Blood doth reach Heav'ns Throne,
And like just Abel's, calls for Vengeance down.
Harmless and Young, a fond and loving Wife,
Dies by her bloody Husband's murd'ring Knife.
In silence of the Night, when good Men sleep,
And Satan and his Sons their Revels keep :
Th' inhumane Wretch, with soft decoying Talk,
Leads forth his loving Spouse to take a Walk ;
She, ( Fair without, and Innocent within )
Dream'd of no Danger, nor th' approaching Sin ;
Hangs round his Waste, Kind are the Words she speaks,
Printing deep Kisses on the Traitor's Cheeks.
Love drove   her with   him to the fatal Spot,                                 
Where he and Satan who had form'd   the Plot,                              
Throws down the trembling Prey, and cuts her Throat.                  
Oft hath that Place been wet with humane Gore,
But never saw so black a Crime before.
There he displays the Implement of Death,
Pale were her Looks, and short her dying Breaty,
When she beholds her Husband's naked Knife,
She crys, dear Nicol, will you kill your Wife ?
Ah me! Is this the Kindness that ye shew
To her, who left her Father's House for you ?
My Words shall with Zjpporas Speech agree,
A bloody Husband, have you prov'd to me.

Smoaking with Blood, he left his breathless Wife,
Return'd with Joy, and hug'd the murd'ring Knife,
Men shall Record his Punishment and Shame,
Children unborn shall Curse the Wretche's Name:
But to her Grave shall pious Pilgrims come,
And read this Epitaph upon her Tomb.


Reader, within this silent Spot,

A murder'd Lady lies,
Who's bloody Husband cut her Throat,

Regardless of her Cries.
Learn Husbands all to love your Wives,

A Wife's a Bosome Friend,
Cherish and protect them all your Lives,

And shun a fatal End.                                          

F I   N I S.

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Date of publication: 1721   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(056)
Broadside entitled 'Elegy'
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